Maxine Daniels: Vibrating Wand + Anal Beads

these are my two favorite sex toys, very basic but soooo worth it. I've tried about every sex toy and my favorites have always been the most basic ones, like the lipstick bullet you just set in while on a long car ride, or a vibrating claww perhaps.I'm a simple gal. but anyway,together they make my climax incredibly satisfying. One time me and my friend had a bit too much to drink and it was our other friends birthday so we invited her over and started watching porn. One thing led to another and me and my friend are making out aggressively on our couch, then the floor, then against the wall and our other friend joins in and we start having a three way. I did my friend with the anal beads and wand while our other friend was eating her out, then she did me and so on till all three of us were wore out and we finished watching the porn. when we were finally done (kind of) hehe we all went up to shower, but that woke us up a little and we were still drunk. Soo, we started to all have shower sex and we woke our other roomate was amazing

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Helena Queen: I'm Not New to Adult Entertainment

I am new to this site but I'm not new to the adult industry. I have been in and out of the adult entertainment industry since I was 18-years old. I'm happy to say that I am a retired porn star. My porn name is Velvet Rose. I performed in over 80 XXX films. My porn star specialties were deepthroating, anal sex and group sex! I retired from adult films in 2008. But don't worry! I still have sex. After all, I don't need a camera crew to have hot sex. I currently have three boyfriends. Yes, they all know about each other. No, we don't have group sex. Unfortunately, for me! Lol! I love group; but I cannot convince them to give it a try. There is some obvious jealousy and competition among my boyfriends. So I have to spend time with each of them individually. I have been dating two of them for over a year. The third boyfriend just over six months. Although, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriends. I also like to take a day or two each week to myself. It's obvious that because of my current dating situation that I'm not lacking in the sex department; however, I still like to webcam. Being on camera fulfills my exhibitionist side of my sexuality.

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Ella Gray: Hello Flirt4free!

Well well well! I am so glad that I have finally found you all! I have heard nothing but amazing things about this community and I cannot wait to share my sexy self with you all. I really love webcam performing and I love meeting new people and sharing the crazy experiences that make up this thing called life. Although I am new here, I have been cam modelling for a while now. I hope to get to know all of you in time and I am sure that I will have the time of my life here!

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Nyah Milan: Dream Shopping Spree

What would I do with 10,000 to blow. I would buy high end skinny jeans, and Christian Louboutin heels. I would buy some designer dishes for my house. Something I want is a one of those automatic vacuums where it roves around the house and cleans the floor automatically. I would buy a Sphynx kitten(hairless kitten). I would buy lots of things for my house like pure silk sheets. I would buy my new kitten some cool toys and perches to put in every room. I would buy him a kitty hammock also. I would buy myself some cool cooking gear, a juicer, an air purifier. I'm into Natural Living and not using harsh chemicals in my house. So I would get an essential oil diffuser. I would buy Agent Provocateur lingerie. I would buy home workout gear to work on my figure. I would buy some nice work clothes like some high fashion women's suit so I can look like a poshed up boss lady! These are just some of the things that would help me live the lifestyle I desire. I imagine living a life where I am self-employed and I have time to do those things I love to do, such as exercise, do yoga, spend time outdoors, spend time with my dog and kitten, eat clean and feel and look healthy and happy.

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Sun Kissed Beauty, Sunday 3/29

When a hot horny girl tells you to cancel your evening plans so that you can have a hot fuck, you have to do it! That's the premise of Sun Kissed Beauty, our next upcoming film.

Luscious Eva Lovia is back with a stunningly sexy hardcore film. I just love watching her play with her landing strip pussy beneath her miniskirt when she thinks her man isn't looking. It's the perfect buildup to the hot sensual encounter that quickly follows.

We will release Sun Kissed Beauty on Sunday, March 29. You'll absolutely want to check back then to enjoy our latest erotic encounter.

Sarah Scotts: Having a Great Time!

Hey guys! I am having such a great time on the site so far! :) I just wanted to thank everyone who has come into my room to chat with me and spend time with me in private shows. I'm having so much fun interacting with and getting to know you guys! I hope to be able to spend a lot more time chatting very soon! So I want to know from you guys, what do you like to see in party chats and group shows?! Give me some of your ideas and I would love to make them happen. Do you like to play games, if so what are your favorite ones to play during a party chat? This is one of my favorite ways to chat with you guys because everyone can be involved and have lots of FUN! So what do you think? Send me an email with your suggestions for a game and if you have the BEST idea that I receive, I will send you a special photo set just for you!Well that is all for now, be sure to stop by and see me soon! For now I am going to go out and enjoy this nice Texas weather! It is finally sunny and warm, Spring is here and I love it! :) xoxo

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Liza Kora: In This Word

Hi there. Because today it's my 1st day on this site, i was thinking to talk about one subject that in all of us, about hart. You're human in this world and the only purpose that can release: must conquer the world. be that through your own means to be more than a man, to be yourself, and going your own way to impose your own terms.lives everything you can live and fall into the trap every minute. time is not only the space in which you can win freedom. dream dreams as you would feed, open your heart like emotion ready to swallow the whole world. listen to the people who come to confide in you, you love people and meet strangers who asks. do not judge from outside the sphere in which they live the rest. be honest to yourself. then, after all, there is no obstacle not to find happiness. Blessed is he who can think longing that I felt it. For what goes through me and not take the form of words can not express concrete containing no gaps. I'm in love, in love with a dream. In love with something that can not ever, something I will never be able to achieve all of something I will never have and what will give many others. I feel handcuffed, locked into the trap bearing her name. Because yes, I can not really escape, no dream, no conscious or subconscious in beautiful Lisbon.

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Lucy Heart – Solo

Lucy Heart is yet another gorgeous blonde to join the Desk Babes team. Straight out of Russia, Lucy has one of the biggest sex drives that we have ever seen in a model. Lucy loves sex and she has a lot of it. She hits on all the women that she works with and we have to say she's definitely got game! Models are lining up left and right to work with her so we are sure you are going to love Lucy just as much as the Desk Babes girls do! -- RUSSIA, 37/28.1/37, BLOND, European

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