Sarah Scotts: Having a Great Time!

Hey guys! I am having such a great time on the site so far! :) I just wanted to thank everyone who has come into my room to chat with me and spend time with me in private shows. I'm having so much fun interacting with and getting to know you guys! I hope to be able to spend a lot more time chatting very soon! So I want to know from you guys, what do you like to see in party chats and group shows?! Give me some of your ideas and I would love to make them happen. Do you like to play games, if so what are your favorite ones to play during a party chat? This is one of my favorite ways to chat with you guys because everyone can be involved and have lots of FUN! So what do you think? Send me an email with your suggestions for a game and if you have the BEST idea that I receive, I will send you a special photo set just for you!Well that is all for now, be sure to stop by and see me soon! For now I am going to go out and enjoy this nice Texas weather! It is finally sunny and warm, Spring is here and I love it! :) xoxo

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Summer Sinn: Lets Win Trhe Contest Today

Hey Guys, I was just made aware of the "Spring Shavings" contest today. I'll be on from 1pm- 12am (EST) ALL tips and shows are greatly appreciated. I'll have my FUN lil grab bag of treats for everyone while in FREE CHAT to tip into for 50 Credits. You can win flashes, spanks, oil up tits/ass, creamy titty play, handjob (on toy), BJ (on toy), Vids, pics and more... Just a way to have fun while in free chat and build up my credits to WIN the contest ;] I never win shit, but we can try... Xo

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Liza Kora: In This Word

Hi there. Because today it's my 1st day on this site, i was thinking to talk about one subject that in all of us, about hart. You're human in this world and the only purpose that can release: must conquer the world. be that through your own means to be more than a man, to be yourself, and going your own way to impose your own terms.lives everything you can live and fall into the trap every minute. time is not only the space in which you can win freedom. dream dreams as you would feed, open your heart like emotion ready to swallow the whole world. listen to the people who come to confide in you, you love people and meet strangers who asks. do not judge from outside the sphere in which they live the rest. be honest to yourself. then, after all, there is no obstacle not to find happiness. Blessed is he who can think longing that I felt it. For what goes through me and not take the form of words can not express concrete containing no gaps. I'm in love, in love with a dream. In love with something that can not ever, something I will never be able to achieve all of something I will never have and what will give many others. I feel handcuffed, locked into the trap bearing her name. Because yes, I can not really escape, no dream, no conscious or subconscious in beautiful Lisbon.

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Lucy Heart – Solo

Lucy Heart is yet another gorgeous blonde to join the Desk Babes team. Straight out of Russia, Lucy has one of the biggest sex drives that we have ever seen in a model. Lucy loves sex and she has a lot of it. She hits on all the women that she works with and we have to say she's definitely got game! Models are lining up left and right to work with her so we are sure you are going to love Lucy just as much as the Desk Babes girls do! -- RUSSIA, 37/28.1/37, BLOND, European

Sharon Lee – Solo

Sharon Lee is from Bordeaux France and she is not afraid to tell you she enjoys the finer things in life. French lingerie, expensive perfume, 5 star hotels and attending exclusive VIP events is what gets Sharon Lee off. But so does stripping on stage and getting off in front of an audience. Her life as a porn star allows her to afford all of these luxuries, while simultaneously indulging in every one of her sexual fantasies. From vanilla erotica right up to light BDSM play and wild orgy parties Sharon Lee lives life to the fullest! -- FRANCE, 33/26/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Asian

Sexy Ella: Busy People

we had so much fun. When can I see you again???"These are the most frightening words for an entrepreneur to hear when starting a new romance.We both take out our iPhones to do the GoogleCal dance. "How's next Tuesday?" "It's not good. How's your Thursday?" "Faculty meeting"The first few weeks of a new relationship between two busy people are the most obnoxious. But after letting go of the pre-conceived ideals that we hold for traditional relationships - we are free to be uniquely happy. And busy relationships quickly become pretty amazing, because there's no room for bullshit.I know this first hand.The only men I date are phenomenally creative, successful, driven and fucking busy. Which is a good thing! Because so am I.It makes for a super interesting life. My relationships are always fascinating and filled with collaborative projects that have the potential to change the world. But the traditional logistics of a relationship are not realistic. Living outside the structure of a 9-5 means that we don't always get to make dinner together, watch a movie, get a little sex and go to bed. Sometimes that happens, but it's not a typical day.Frankly, it's better.In order to really explore a relationship between two busy people you need to set a different standard and redefine what it means to be "successful" and what "love" looks like. Good! I haven't seen the traditional model work all that well for other people.It means having more conversations about how to make things work, and takes the willingness to really sift through what is truly important to you in a relationship and what is not. It takes an understanding that you're definitely going to screw up and that the other person isn't going to hold that against you.

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Christina Storm: Modeling Again

I stopped modeling because it kinda go in the way. Not that I didnt like it but my life way crazy at that time. So after thinking about it and wanting to do it again here i am. I am hoping that I have fun with it like before and enjoy it just as much.I still think about some of my past shows that really turned me on and made me cum really big. One of my favorites was using my dildo on myself while the guy talked to me on the phone. His voice helped push me far over the edge. I look forward to more times like that.I find when I model I get more sexual, more positive, and did I say more sexual. I find myself wanting to do different and crazy things. I love giving up control. Letting go and enjoying the thrills, and pleasures to cum.I love dressing up sexy and modeling gives me a chance to wear a lot outfits. Sometimes none at all. I look forward to seeing you in my room. I love chatting so say hello sometime. You never know what kind of mood I will be in and what all I will want to do for you.

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Brooke Logan: Spring Break.. More Time to Masturbate?

This week starts spring break for my college. I have been so busy with all of my classes lately that I have no idea what I am going to do with myself having a week off school. I think i'll start by sleeping in, being lazy and catching up on watching porn! I will be getting super horny watching so much porn. I will probably be online more this week as well, so I hope you will all cum watch me broadcast live. You can take me private and watch me play with my tight little cunt until I make myself cum so hard that I squirt all over my bed or couch. I'm a getting horny now just thinking about making myself cum over and over again. I set up a sex toy wish list recently but I haven't been gifted any naughty things to entertain my eager pussy and ass with so you should check it out and see if there is anything i've added to my list that you would like to watch me use on myself. I hope to see you all in my chat room over the next few days. Until then, I wish you lots and lots of orgasms! Happy Sunday!

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Rachel Starr: Private Chat

so i did my longest private chat today! i orgasmed so hard twice and felt soooo light headed that i had to take a break! crazy! i can't wait to do some more privates and i love that i have the voyeurs come in there too! i think i like this webcam stuff more than even doing my porn scenes. the interaction i get is amazing and keeps me turned on for hours! so happy to be part of flirt4free! i hope to make all of you happy and fulfill your fantasies with each show i do!

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Samy Cany: Enjoy What You Have

Choose your desires Many beautiful and be most suitable for you. Let me paint the future in colors of enthusiasm, in the folds of happiness and love, hope and paints a sister attitude with confidence. I like to think that I believe in the future no matter what brings ... Have serenity to fill the sparkle, give great enthusiasm over you, do not allow yourself to be bad than good if you are in the shade. He loved much. Do not be loved less. Let's wait for love to be. To change your life to the extent that can be changed. To believe in you, in the coming year and in your power to change it. Have you ever blamed that you can not enjoy every pore of your being wonderful things happen to you in the end? And you've waited a long, long time, you did stones and water flow stand to achieve these dreams, you stepped over other bodies of dreams and you've stumbled upon scraps of hope, have closed roads that nobody ever will not be able to open and lights have given way in the deepest darkness? Yet, at the height of delight, feeling that something is missing and maybe the most important piece of the puzzle? It means that suffer the most cruel curse of life: you can not enjoy what you have. This is what I was told once reminded me a second time and the third time I understand.

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Renata Kala: About Life

Let's talk about life. Life is a comedy, a comedy and a drama at the same time, if you look from the outside is crying laughter, laughter for what life go lame and crying because we can not change it in any way, or if we fail to change it is possible to do worse than it was. So sit back and laugh and cry at the same time for us because we are incompetent to be able to do something for ourselves, however we do everything we can to help others, and I looked forward with great interest to be we also help our given help stop appearing. Therefore life is a comedy that has Caragiale the bad man is a social misfit who is trying hard to prove something but in vain because no matter how they try everything out, is a wrench into a much larger whole universe. We delude ourselves with vain hopes that all will be well, may be up to a certain point, then it will take another turn, most likely we will not know what to do, we will not know which way to take hold and as I said above, everything will be crying laughing. Kisses for you all! Hope to see you online soon.

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Sarah Mercury: One Morning in Mountains

Finally came the long-awaited summer vacation. Like every year we went with his parents in the mountain kingdom, the grandparents.When we arrived at the foot box like we smiled whirling river was not so, and the wind subsided.The morning was great.Dew, have the appearance of pearls that were looking forward to sunshine turns bright diamonds.At dawn arose golden beam of a young sun, which, in a moment immeasurable wiped away a shadow of the mountain mists forehead.At the foot of the mountains, a river clear shining light soarelui.Nu was nothing, no sound, no meget not disturb the deer of the forest deep sleep.The view was so beautiful, like hand craftsmanship and should be taken as the color palette and painted.In front, the horizon was eventually closed branches of the decedent marl gray mountains which stretch like a leaden strip of smoke on the horizon cerului.Era so ravishing scenery that you have said that nature offers you a necklace of pearls on a tray Emerald Eye.A wavy line shadow graceful, there is tension to the edge of vision in these countries.Attracted by the wonderful painting by time I looked and saw that the king of light, that huge fireball, the sun makes its way through the forest like tree branches leaving tired, ready for bed.The light seemed drawn by a mysterious hand, colossal and invisible.This view can only see bright summer nights when the queen of the night, the moon ascend the throne surrounded by thousands of her servants, stars.

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