Kelley Smith: Hot Steamy Showers

I absolute love taking long, hot showers, allowing the water to run through every crease and curve on my body, as i gently rub my two small titties and stroke my pink panther until she yells no! After begging for mercy,it's not over I hit her again on the counter top. Lastly taking it into the bed room, slowing down the pace, I rock that baby to sleep. I love going longer and harder each time, Friend me and join my session, you could become lucky enough to be allowed a sneak peek !

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Jasmine Kelley:…

Day one lol..Hi ,it's just me Jasmine.Chilling in the tub doing my first blog.I want to truly thank-each and every one of you for your support,friendship and kindness.It was a rough start.I almost said this is not for me.I know now that it is a perfect fit for me.I had a really rough month in the beginning..the fake tips,begging,ugg,the something for nothing,the one's I had to ban,one that had death treats for me ect.It all turned around..I have my friends that have been there from day one..treating me with the up most respect.Now I am happy to say I have found my grove..what gets you in my world to stay...It was right in front of my face all along.No act,talk,smile,listen,open up..hey just be me.Now I have met even more amazing friends,and lover's that are so special to me because each and every one has a spot in my huge heart...Now for the one's who don't know me,just say hi,and we will go from there.I do have low tolerance for bull shit,that's right I said it.I am a human being just the same as you.I am not a trained dog,nor your puppet.This is not a swap meet or a yard sale..with free things on the street..I how ever..give you a show every time I am in my room..You should give it time before you judge.You might miss out on a smile and a laugh.This is Flirt 4 free..key word' FLIRT '.So there it is guys...Thank-you again,you are all amazing!!!N0.5 in freshman flirt of the's all because of my babies..see ya in my world and room soon...xoxoxoxo Jasmine

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Adisa K: Im Back!!!

so guys today was my second day back online, and i have been having soooo much fun with you all!didn't want to get offline but had to go since "MR.Man" and I are going to a forum tonight! its all about da zombies!!!! lol why and how zombies became so popular in modern culture! lol should be fun! plus who doesn't like free food!!! lol have any special questions that you would like me to write a blog reply to? send it to me in a message here on flirt! and ill post a blog telling you all the dirty little details.. lolto answer a few questions i got do you squirt so fast?- im really not sure i hit the right spot, my puss gets all tight and it just squirts!!! lolhow tall are you?im 5'2 standing 5'3 laying down lol even you will grow an inch when i lay down all naked in front of you!what do i do to get videos of you?this is done 3 ways i can either gift them to you for joining a group show, i get to choose which ones and how many you get which would be in my show description... or you can pay for the vod... the other option, to see exclusive videos.. join my fanclub of course!!! lolso just to let those know who have joined my group shows! i have sent out all the videos, and they should be under Content on your account page CLICK "My Streaming (PPM) VOD! thank everyone again who has stopped in the past 2 days! you have made this girl a very very happy woman! now! must get house work done!! "MR.Man" is on his way home!let me know as well if you would like to see a sexy couples show only avail in the evening!Hope you all had an amazing day and continue to lonnnnggg into the night!! add me on twitter to keep updated on what im up to! @Adisa_k69

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Niala Jackson: Late Night on Flirt

So why is it you cant figure out the hours of when The men that actually want you and want to spend are on? I know im new but being 9 years as a dancer I figured this would be a cake walk like being a phone sex operator... hmmm!!! quesitons and very open minded to feed back... I am def a man please and love to make you feel comfortabl, maybe its my piercings and tats?? to late to change the look now.. I have truly enjoyed this 3 days so far and looking for years with you gents...

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Dorothy Black: Hello Guys

Now it's about cough myself here, as when a man enters the room, looks around, almost embarrassed I do not know if there was someone there. Grinding his throat to speak, think about what is the "ticket", but ashamed to speak, no sound comes out of his throat. Well, I feel like this right now. I do not know what to do with the entrants. I do not know, do not want to return here. One thing I know, there are no local regulations. :) Although, it is on Facebook, and this predator, which is like a big playground, but after a huge and full of strangers, fear of people dare to use. I'd rather sit in my thoughts, and did not really write it myself. Pictures megosztogatni of course possible, to reap praise, criticism lately, which is worth. It can be cows, manage your fairy villages, people's wall screaming laugh, cry or just as Tecc ', but does not have the feeling, sometimes I come back here looking for you. In recent months, I admit ruefully: idekattintottam, printed at the new entry button, and could not afford more than a sore grinding courage. :) The last few years were spent weird, I admit. Now I think I found myself. People came, they went in my life. It was, and still he lost the empty place in my heart, I hope you never see who was in turn more. I met and was glad that so established!Kiss Dorothy

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Regina Glass: First Impressions

Diving in has been exciting and scary. More the former than the latter. My biggest impression so far has been frustration with technical difficulties--hoping to resolve those asap so I can get practice performing! Runtime errors keep interrupting my chats, freezing my video, and booting me offline :( Other than that this has been AWESOME so far--I never thought I'd do this, but I'm so glad I have. Can't wait to make new friends :)

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Deondria Devine: Happy Wednesday!

Hello all my little flirt friends! I hope that you are all enjoying your week so far. Have you had a chance to check out all the cute Halloween costumes around the site? I dressed up too but I don't think too many people liked my costume too much but oh well. I guess next year I will have to look for something different and more exciting. Do you guys have anything fun planned for Friday? I am going to a birthday party which will be very fun. I see that we have a lot of new friends this week which is always exciting. I hope that you are all getting your gifts and candy that I have sent to you and if you didn't can you please let me know, I will be glad to send you some. I really want to know what you guys like in terms of the free chat. I need some feedback please so I can make your visit as wonderful for you as I possibly can. I would love to incorporate some new toys and outfits into my private shows but I need your help. I have a wish list on my profile page filled with sexy outfits and naughty toys that I would love to show off for your viewing pleasure. Please take the time to look through it and see if there is anything that you like on there. I love you guys all so much and I can't wait to spend my time with you. Muah!

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Kyla Gaile: Me and Myself

Hey there! just wanna have some short message. I do love the pennis toy because it seems like natural man fucked me.I love to be model of this toy like a star.If I could go on a $10,000 shopping spree I will buy some sexy outfit for my broadcast,a toys also, a beauty needs for me, a new reliable computer and a high definition camera and more.If i would be a famouse, I would like to be beyonce, I loved the way she danced.I love to be specialized in bed scene. My dream travel destination is to be in United States of America.I love to travel and I want to use it as a experience and exploration to myself, Infact I want my honeymoon be conducted in this country.I love their foods, american foods were delicious.If I won the lottery, I will buy my own house, a Hummer5 car and i would like to help those people with disability.During holiday I want to spent it with my family in the beach and I want next weekend hopefully, I can have the chance to bring them to pleasure.

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Carisa: Thursday Tricks Day!

Gonna try to come on tonight. If I don't make it will be on early in the morning around 8 est time. So come see what I have on. Tomorrow and friday will be on and off through out the day. So come see what I have on. Keep tipping me pumpkins and Casting a vote on my costume and viewer choice. Come and knock on my door. See what kind of treat you'll get. Help me with credits today. Lets see if we can make it today.I am having fun dressing up this week. So lets keep having fun these last 2 days Of Halloween week. I still have lots of costumes to wear. Remember to Pumpkin me.

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Talia Lamour: Not All is Lost…

I seem to have just way to much to do these days, and need to find a way to get them all done in a timely fashion. I need to find a way to make myself a workable schedule so that I can try to stay on task. Of course "The best laid plans of mince and men often go awry" is not only a very true saying but one that seems to hold most true for me. I can never seem to make a plan without it going horribly wrong. I have been trying to get a good hold of things but I am not the best at the whole scheduling thing in the first place. At least I was able to get a bunch of stuff done this morning before I had to absolutely stop and get ready to sign on for at least a little bit. Of course before that I always have to try and bang out one of these blogs which trust me is not an easy task for me. I never know what to say and am afriad that in the end I am only ranting and raving if not just rambling. Well I really need to get ready and this is about done, see you tomorrow blog land... I hope. P.S. I need to work on my Fan club I didn't mean to actually create it yet.

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For Your Love, Thursday 10/30

There's something irresistible about two hot and horny girls who just can't keep their hands off of each other. If you enjoy watching uncontrolled passion, then you'll enjoy For Your Love, our next upcoming film.

We've brought back sensual babe Noleta and paired her with gorgeous newcomer Sicilia. You'll love the chemistry between these two. I particularly enjoyed watching as Noleta just devoured Sicilia's pussy with eager licks that went all the way from her swollen clit to her tight little asshole. It's just too hot!

For Your Love will be released on Thursday, October 30. Don't miss out on these two blondes as they put on a luscious lesbian show.

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