Bunni Banks: Women That Dom Men

I love men. I love their masculinity, I love their bodies--I love their penises. Some women take their love of mens' bodies to different heights--different strokes for different folks, I guess. I am a very, extremely kinky individual, but there's one kink even I won't touch. Domming my man... putting on a dildo and fucking him. It's just weird, haha! I was talking with people in my chat room this evening, and asking what they thought about that. One guy said a girl he dated asked him and I was so curious as to what he said back to her. He just said he told her he never tried such a thing, but certainly this testimony over text couldn't compare to what the expression on his face must have been. Am I curious about putting a dildo inside a man's butt? ... Very somewhat, I must admit I was turned on watching a porno where a woman was sucking a cock from behind, and sticking her finger in her man's ass. That was more tame, and turned me the hell on--I've cum to that video more than once. But a dainty finger and an eight inch dildo are quite different things. Would you let a woman do such a thing to you?

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Madison Snow: So Wet !

Today was an awesome Saturday. I treated myself to a professional massage at my local gym since one of my fans kept me in a private room for 3 hours and he was so amazed at my yoga abilities that he kept wanting more and more. As much as I love my yoga I was so tired and my muscles were so soar. She came in the room while I was face down and naked under a towel. I am not usually attracted to girls as I love my men but for some reason this particular girl really turned me on. She had an athletic build but was really short. I don't think she was even 5 ft. and she had straight black hair and looked like she was from somewhere in Eastern Europe. She started rubbing my spine very firmly and slowly went from the top of my spine all the way down to the top portion of my ass. She was going so slow that it was more of a tease than a massage. I didn't want her to know I was turned on. I was embarrassed to let her know that she was making me so wet and I was hoping she would grab me between my legs. After about 5 more minutes of this I broke down and I couldn't help myself. I stuck my ass way up in the air and felt her face up my ass. I will leave the rest up for all of you to imagine the finish. All I can tell you is that I didn't' think I could squirt! Will discuss further in PRIVATE!!!

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Jamie Jensen: Me and Issues

Hey guys ,sorry I have been a little a wall just been super super busy. I have also been sick this past week. I had a cold which turned into an upper respiratory infection and that triggered an asthma attack so I'm getting better but I'm still able to get on cam. And I had my wrist x rayed. Back in December 2013 I fell while I was cleaning my apartment for when my parents came to NV to visit for Christmas. Well it turns out when I fell on my hand that I did sprain it like I thought I actually fractured some wrist bones in my right hand which sucks because I am right handed oh the irony..lol But I have to go to an orthopedic to find out what to do now and to be honest I'm scared because the cause for surgery to correct the injury is very possible plus I'm also dropping stuff and my hand gets cold and tingly which is not normal it has been going on for a while too blah. So that's the whats been going on with me. I am gonna try and be on here more because you guys are some awesome peoples and I want to get to know you guys some more even though I know some of you are "True Jamie Fans" you follow me every where I go. so I am going to get back to what I was doing just wanted to give you guys a heads up! see you guys soon too!

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Cyanne Carriero: Introducing…me!

I sat for a long time trying to decide what I should blog about, since I really wanted to have something to enter as I am brand new to web cam modeling and a perfectionist (gotta dot all my i's and cross my t's!). Then I thought, what better way to let all these kind and generous men get to know a little something about me than by just making a blog post about it! So for starters, my name is Cyanne Carriero. I have long blue hair and sparkling green eyes (said to be one of my best features). I have tattoos and some piercings. I am 32 year old. I am bisexual but currently in a polyamourous relationship with two men and a mother of 2, all of which seem to be shocking to most guys- they can agree that I do look young for my age, and can't believe I am a mom, LOL! As for being polyamourous, well, that's a whole different animal, LOL! Let's just say I love sex, love being satisfied, as well as being one who loves to give as much as I receive, if not more! ;)When people ask me what kind of things I am into, I would have to say 'a little of everything'. I listen to all types of music from rock, metal, alternative, pop, techno, rap, even some country from time to time. I am girly but don't mind getting dirty. Guys refer to me as a 'guys girl' or a female wingman, since I can relate to them and sometimes think like a man (and being bi, I am great to have around to help pick out the good looking women, LOL). Sexually I am experienced but don't really have any fetishes (at least not that I know of yet!) I am into dominant/submissive (D/s)- I am submissive in the bedroom (and pretty much in normal day to day as well) and love when guys take control. (See more about this in my next post!). I am inexperienced with most bondage/fetish things but am always willing to try new things which makes me an adventurous and fun playmate!I am known to be a good listener and am one that friends come to with problems for my advice. I am sensitive to others needs and emotions (another trait of being submissive- always looking to please and assist). I would love to be one of those webgirls with a fan group of guys who not only love me for what I can show them but also for my relate-able and caring nature. I am more than just a good time, I am a virtual girl friend! I tend to use my witty sense of humor to lighten the mood when someone is feeling lonely, sad, or upset. Eh, sometimes my jokes are dorky and cheesy, but I have yet to not put a smile on someone's face when they need it. I hope that gives you a little peek into who I am and hope that it entices you to come visit my room sometime as I love to meet new people! :) See you soon- Cyanne

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Vanessa Black and Nikita Bellucci – Duo

Fucking hot. Nikita Bellucci is a sexy, petite model from France that is rocking some serious ink. Nikita is a wild one and she tells us she loves to give in to her every will and desire. If she wants something, she gets it. If she wants you, she will have you. She lives life in the now and would love for you to watch her get wet and get off. -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/26/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Naomi Nevena – Solo

Naomi Nevena is a relative newcomer to Desk Babes so we wanted to feature her in a few sexy solo dances. This is a great way for you to get to know Naomi, as she shows you how she likes to pleasure her own body. At 22, Naomi is still exploring her sexuality and she is very excited to try new things with her hot female colleagues on camera! Keep your eyes on Naomi because we know you are going to like the show. -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/26/35, BLOND, European

Playing For Keeps, Thursday 1/22

We have a stunning newcomer to Nubile Films to introduce in Playing For Keeps, our next upcoming film.

Amarna Miller dresses for seduction in a tight dress with a short skirt and tall high heels to accentuate her long legs. Her man simply can't resist! I definitely enjoyed the way Amarna deep throated her guy's cock and then ended up bent over a pool table with her tight little ass in the air to welcome her lover's cock for a hard pussy pounding!

Check out Amarna's debut when Playing For Keeps is released on Thursday, January 22. This is one sizzling sexual encounter that you won't want to miss!

Miruna Kara: Chestnuts

Everyone in my life has a special story, a story that belongs to me and only me who is ultimately different from that which would recite it himself, in a cool winter evening, for coffee. It so happens that the coffee is simply a probability, a personal longing to share coffee with my loved one. Each has a story woven smiles and my affection in hugs and warm words of small gestures and memories that I wear all the time for me, packed in boxes imaginary play and which sometimes give out. Everyone enjoys somehow my sensitivity, the same thing that makes me stronger, because I, in my turn, up from everyone - only for myself - a story. I do not know exactly why, some years ago, I started to catch a passion for chestnuts, which once these fruits begin to invade the autumn alleys. It is an indescribable happiness when they pursue the grass or fallen on the outskirts curbs when reach for special glow that my name that make me crazy. And it's so nice when I get to compete with people come parks where I was a peculiar silence filled my backpack with these special metaphors, while girls running through grass with a bag half filled. At home I filled one of the drawers wardrobe. The chestnuts. Chestnuts of all sizes, some curved, some wider, but all equally bright and beautiful exasperating.

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