Shanell Moore: Shanell Moore , Introduction to Your Island Fantasy :)

Hey guys, It's Shanell. I know you are used to seeing me on the camera but I would also like you to get to know a lil about me off camera as well too :) First and foremost I want to say thank you too all the men and or women who spent private time with me, allowed me the chance to fulfill a fantasy and perform well for you. I try to do as much as I can to give you the best possible show and I have more in store for my regulars . so keep checking back as often as you can muah ;*Here is a few things about me that you may not have known ;) My birthday is April 20th,1993. I love the color purple. I have an addiction to toys and lingerie ;)I love to wear dresses and heels. Mmm, I am a great cook. I am neat and clean. I love movies and dinner I like to change my hair color and style from time to time TURN ONS :)I love oral, I love giving oral, I love licking and kissing, touching, and caressing squeezing my ass. Sensual ass slaps. FELLATIO is MY SPECIALITY , I can make you feel like a King in bed :pI love to walk around the house naked. When I am not working or going to class, I may spend my free time masterbating to relieve stress. So those are just a few things about me. As you visit me more and connect with me online I will post from time to time and reveal more. I will also write some sexy sensual things that women love to hear and feel so look out for those blogs soon ! Thanks again for giving me an opportunity to entertain and please you, my fans are the best. -Kisses Shanell

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Jolene Johnson: Sleazy Greetings!

Hello Everyone! And ekkk is it almost Christmas?! Whatever shall I ask Santa for? There is a fancy new toy I am hoping his elves will make for me but I don't know if they have a slut department up North or not! My name is Jolene and I plan on going live tomorrow at 830pm! Make sure you stop by and say hi...I'm new and super duper nervous, come tell me how great I'm doing and calm me down a little bit. Hope to see you all very soon, you'll probably see me more of me than I of you but...that's the goal, right?!

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Michelle Rodriguez: What is the One Place You Have Always Wanted to Have Sex but Haven't Yet? Why This Spot

What is the one place you have always wanted to have sex but haven't yet? Why this spot?I have always wanted to try a plane why a plane lol because i have seen movies where a couple sneeks off to the restroom has a quickie and comes out like nothing happened and doesnt that sound exciting its prohibited for one and not only that but the plane has alot of movement and i love to be pleasured in exotic places. What about you where is one place you have always fantasied about? And why that place and how in that place(;

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Brittany Faux: Exitement

i LOVE to have fun and try new things i LOVE sex and feel like im missing out on exiting diff ways to get off and have naughty fun. lately i want to try new things and fetishes that i used to think were bizarre or weird lol i have this urge and willingness.its frustrating a lil bit because im not sure on how to go about fullfilling all of these desires i have ,like how to go about participating in these naughty actions with somebody that feels the same but also who im 100%comfortable with lol and ill need to get the toys,necessities to do it. i feel like my sex life,actually my life in general is so dull lately:/ same thing everyday,ugh it gets old im getting antsy lol!!! i want to pamper myself as well ,tanning,shopping,nails done,hair done,all of those nice things us girls love to do for that means money ,lol i feel impatient i just hope to be good at this too

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Eva Kareni: My Heart

... is Playing with my, and is a long game, fugitive, complicated and frankly annoying as hell. A game that sometimes seems maze without marigini without the possibility of coming out and saying we can say as a regular game: Stop !. But this is no ordinary game that you own will can stop when I want. We're talking about a heart, that you can not play with it, but it certainly will play with you. You will share in a game so enticing that you can not simply refuse. And once you get into it, just trying to get out! You can not ... Or at least not yet. Can you play this game for a reason, maybe everything happening around you is not by chance, it really is not. Heart knows what he knows. If you play the same game that you had more than enough means that you have to learn. You have to live the same thing to endlessly until you see where you went wrong and you can take it again. Point and over again! Or not depends on you. To get out of this game feeble, must learn to be a great player. You must face your fears and prejudices and practical concepts, throw yourself into the abyss. Otherwise you will not succeed. You must enter the game, to become one with him, to understand, to play as best you can. I'll do that, too. Do not let me play tricks, heart. I'll try to get close to you in this game that you've invited and I'll prove that I can be successful, I can be better. I can leave everything to one side only of your pleasure. After all, you're a part of me, so I can read your "thoughts". But sometimes, for your kind are very unsettled. And that hurts.

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Naomi Strokes: Let's Talk About Me ;)

So, my favorite thing about myself is my phenomenal personality and if you knew me, you would agree. ;) Accepting your awesome individuality should be a default setting. :) I have the type of personality that's borderline reminiscent of a chameleon, I adapt to situations and different people with ease. I have an ability to make people feel amazing, like they should everyday. I might be slightly perverse but I'm so pleased when I can find just the right combination of words, if you want to feel sexy, wanted, important, untouchable, special or just simply happy, those are all needs I enjoy giving because after all, sharing makes everyone feel good. ;)

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Sexy Honey: Dear Diary 2nd Day Lusting on the Web

I had a lot of fun It made me think of all the things that the boys wanted from me. Only if they really know me. I would take them all upon my sheets of splendor lay myself open with my body propped up on my pillows. Bury their face between my thighs and let them taste me there. Feel the fire flow from inside me. Taste me there suck lightly on that little pink nub that excites be beyond measure. Feel me convulse beneath the tickle of there tongues working its magic on me. Hear me lovers. Hear how you bring so much pleasure to me how you make me feel like a real woman. Hear as I moan to you my distinct joy in the sensations you bring to the surface. Listen to me as I call out your name and my breathing becomes labored. Hear how my heart races in my chest. Feel my thighs tremble from onslaught of climax brought on by you. Reach up and stroke my nipples. See how they respond to your fingers. Lick the insides of my thighs and feel the emotion. All I can think of is feeling you again wanting your hands on me. I want to feel your mouth on my breasts, kissing and sucking biting then kissing to soften the sting. I love excitement, feeling your hands as they move further and further down my body the anticipation of knowing where your fingers are headed, and getting so anxious knowing it wont be long. Dear diary the day is gone but we always have tomorrow for more excitement and more thrills to come.

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Irresistibly Attracted, Saturday 12/20

You've been asking for an all-girl threesome, and we've listened. Your wait is finally over when Irresistible Attraction, our next upcoming film is released.

We've brought back a trio of favorites with Karlie Montana, Staci Carr, and Natalia Star. You'll love watching these three hot coeds as they work each other's juicy pussies in a no-holds-barred lesbian love fest that you'll want to watch again and again. The hottest part of all is when Karlie pulls out a vibrator so that Natalia and Staci can grind it together on their way to a pair of big climaxes!

Check back on Saturday, December 20 when we will release Irresistibly Attracted. These three put together a smoking hot film that you won't want to miss!

Sydney Leigh: Meet the Secretive Hippy

Hello all, this is my first ever blog post so I'm just going to introduce myself a little it. I did my first show last night since 2013 and I will admit I was rusty! Thank You to all who came into my room! Some one said something to me last night that made me think I should put a little bit more about myself on here. I am currently employed, a single full time mother of 2, and a student. I am going to school for Chinese Medicine so that I may eventually become an acupuncturist. I am pregnant with my third baby and started to cam again in hopes it will help me support me and my babies while I go to school so that I have more time with my kiddos.Things that are important to me are being outside away from all of the media and distractions, recycling, gardening, volunteering at my little ones school, and just being a good person as often as possible! I love traveling even though I can't do it as often any more, and I am an adventure seeker! I am also a Scorpio and have a very wild and crazy imagination! I am open to try new things and am kind of the submissive type. I have been waiting to make a regular on here to keep my busy trying new things. I like the idea of someone buying me toys from the online wish list so that we may discover them together!! So here I'll be waiting for that guy who has been looking for the same thing as I. Help me explore my sexuality now that these hormones have my panties wet at the thought of getting naughty :) ;)-SydneyLeigh

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Mandy Sinclair: Should I Change My Methodology

StArting to really consider if I should change my ways/methods of running my room. I'm about to loose my internet put it that way ( :( super frownie face) well anyways. I'm flattered by all you viewers who just sit in free chat and cum. But maybe I'm being a little too naughty? I'm gonna make some video clips and short films, post those up wherever I can on here and serif that helps me make any more funds. Mandy is about to have to move into a box like a hobo if I don't figure out something soon!So that feeds into the next segment of today's blog... What are some of the hottest solo acts you have ever seen, online, webcam sites, porn flicks, real life, read in a book? I want to know. I need suggestions. I want to make some really hot videos.On another note, had family pop up and invite themselves to stay the night (ugh). Dad saw all the webcam and tripod and clamp lights with laptop logged out but still with f4f in the background. Let's hope he missed the giant bottle of baby oil (which is nearly empty) and vibrator that was also on the bed. Great, no privacy I tell u.Gonna try to make week #3 really good. I'm gonna pull more shifts, and at more times. Keep practicing with the dirty talk (you can never be fluent enough) and maybe make a wish list of things I plan on getting soon. In fact I'm gonna add that here: • a few more toys/ like anal beads, dildo, and I don't know. Something not terribly expensive• a uniform- either cop, nurse, or something like that• a pair of 8" heel pvc boots• a pink pair of stilettos•a new outfit off ebay (slingshot styled I think).and a book on bsdm (spellcheck wants to change that word to badminton so bad lol)• rhapsody account so I can get all my tunes backSo, it's a small list, but a start.

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