Give Me Your Love, Monday 5/25

Showing true passion and sensuality is one of our primary goals at Nubile Films, and I think that we really hit the mark with our next upcoming film Give Me Your Love.

Lovely Aruna Aghora is just amazing in this one. I love the look of utter contentment on her face as she is getting her landing strip pussy pounded. You can see the absolute pleasure and the connection with her partner that she is feeling as her whole body gets into it, especially as her back arches and she pushes back with every thrust.

Give Me Your Love is set to be released on Monday, May 25. If you're a fan of sensuality, then don't miss out on this sweet and sexy movie.

Lexi Law: Virgin Blogger

To be Honest I am clueless on what a blog should be. I see it says diary, so this should be pretty easy. My take on this is to relieve every thought from my head. Typically my diary isn't a diary at all, its a sketch book that clearly tells it all. My thoughts go 90 to nothing each and every day leaving my mind full with way more then I could ever say. I'm assuming this will be public for everyone to see, so please go easy while you read it and don't judge me. No one is ever perfect on their 1st time, but I guarantee I only get better each and Every time. I clearly rambled a little more then I normally would, but that's because the word diary made it sound like I could. I guess I should start wrapping this up, before my thoughts start running and change it all up. I'll be enjoying this weekend everyday, in some way honoring Memorial Day! So my next entry I'll have a lot more to say from whatever adventures come my way. Thanks to all the soldiers that fight to keep us safe, and last, but not least God Bless the USA!!! I'll be Back;)

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Trixie Stone: New Model!! Hello Everyone!!

So I just got finished with my very first broadcast and might I say it was pretty great! The people were very inviting and helped me feel more comfortable on cam. I got to experience my first private today which was very exciting and fun! Shout out to two guys that really made themselves known redcamaro and steve5777. Everyone was very fun and easy to talk to and very considerate and that is something that is hard to find in things like this. I do hope everyone that I went private with today enjoyed it as much as I did ;). After I ended my broadcast yesterday I was surprised with an early birthday present...I got a new car!!!!!! It is a brand new Volkswagon Golf! In a few days I will be scheduling a photoshoot with my photographer for a sexy shoot with me on and in the car! I am about to head out to see Pitch Perfect 2! (so excited!) After that I will have a girls outing with my friend go shopping (maybe buy a new outfit for you guys ;) ) I am planning to get on around 6pm eastern. If you missed me yesterday stop by today and introduce yourself! I LOVE meeting new people so dont be shy! Hope to see everyone back!!Kisses Tixie

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Sinnderella: If I Were a Super Hero…

I am a big fan of Flash and Arrow, the TV series. I often wonder what it would be like to have a super power. Would I want to save the world and use my powers for good? Or, would I reach deep into the depths of madness and take revenge on my enemies and only think of myself?? Such a difficult decision... I think I would want the ability to read minds. The most powerful thing, in my opinion, is to know what people are thinking and what they want. This power may not help me take over the world with force. But it could give me the ability to control masses of people. But with being able to read there minds I would also want to be able to transfer thoughts to their mind and them think they are their own. So at some point would I be a super villain?? Maybe... but I think I would use my powers to promote peace and to change ways of thinking. I would turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts one person at a time.I'm sure there are a lot of great super powers I could choose for various reasons. I think more positive vibes would be a great start. Though being able to fly quickly from place to place without airfare would be splendid. I could visit all the countries I have never seen before. I could also visit family in other states easily. Oh, if only a happy accident would allow us to all have super powers; what a very different, interesting world we would live in. What would your super power be??

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Cum Kisses, Friday 5/22

If you've ever dreamed of being woken up by two stunning girls who want a group fuck fest, then our next upcoming film Cum Kisses will speak to your fantasies.

Adriana Chechik and Kylie Kalvetti are horny hot newcomers who are totally into each other! I really enjoy watching as Adriana climbs on top of Kylie to present a double pussy stack for their man to fuck. Honestly, I could watch them making out while they are alternating getting screwed for hours.

Check back on Friday, May 22 to watch Cum Kisses. Also be sure to check out the commentary video that we will release at the same time. You're going to really enjoy Adriana and Kylie, so be sure to stop by!

Vixen Summers: My First Ever Session..

Well can I say fun?!?! Liberating!!! I feel so silly that I didn't let go and do this sooner. I think it went well for my first time. I had fun, brought out the crop the nipple clamps and the batwings, did some yoga, talked alot. I was hoping for a private, and saved my orgasms, alas, no private today. And I was so nervous I am ok with that today, I'll just take some private time with the toys and think about tomorrow when I try again to find some orgasmic company. It's tough to be out in rural Oregon, the odds are good, but the goods are odd, and where does one go to get a date in the middle of nowhere anyway? The Y is like 30 miles away... This must be why some men at the convenience store look at me like I'm lunch. And I'm not a Bar sort of girl. I'd much rather do yoga, watch the flowers bloom, read and make love.

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Sandy Wallace: Oh!

ohhH! I just remembered, in addition to my "regular" schedule I'll be getting on in the early afternoons a lot, it's just more subject to change. If you're following me and you see this, I'll be on tomorrow even earlier than my schedule says. i.e. 2pm rather than 8pm-I'm ambitious! My neighbors are making obnoxious noises but I'm nice so I'm going to pretend that rolling barrels is a normal recreational activity.

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Cherri Sweeter: Web Cam Virgin

Well i must be so excited about trying this new site. I'm learning more by the minute. I'm just hoping this is the site for me. I'm looking forward to making my customers feel right at home when we connect.I don't have any sex toys of my own right now but I'm willing to try new things.Who knows I may even surprise us which such erotic bliss. That special eye will enjoy it as much as I will.One thing about me is I receive pleasure out of satisfying others.

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Ivone Rodriguez: Great Start

hello everyone this is ivone i want to take this time to post a big thank you to all the people who has come on my first week and supported me,i am very new to this exciting business and i have many goals and ambitions for my life first is to be able to pay all my bills and support my family that is always number one in my life, number two i want to be great entertainment for all of you and to give you quality for your money. ......hello its ivone again please check out my profile page and come help me buy my new toy that way i have something to really show my fans lol.....hello everyone please check out my schedule i will try to be on more starting this week for all my fans that have been following me since my first day... you all are great and really enjoyed chatting and the privates really fun, i know i am a little shy but i am working on that to be the best entertainer i can so please keep up the great support....hello everyone its sunday i made myself the promise sundays would be the me time so i am sorry i am not on here to see all of you but monday is soon and i hope to see everyone so we can chat and play again really enjoyed our time together this last week and i am sure this coming week will be even better with you guys around to chat and play....see you all soon love ivone

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