Ella Grace: First Day Camming

Well, my first night camming. Im ready to do an all nighter and I hope I meet a lot of really awesome friends. Ive got nice brewed green tea, fresh glitter eye shadow, and toys waiting for me.I could not figure out how to use the program for the life of me. My friend who cams on the site and told me about had to help me. I couldnt even figure out how to log in. Thankfully Im getting the hang of it. Figured out the program and now I get to tweek my profile.I look forward to camming on this site every day. I think itll be a great start for 2015. And getting lots of new toys for cam too lol. I only have four, I need to get my collection going.Ive already had one private and one tip so far. Its slowed down a little so Im taking a moment to document the first night of a great new venture! Im not nervous at all, just excited. I hope I have a lot of fun and morning comes and Im like holy smokes, nap time and lets do it all over again.Well, CHEERS TO MY FIRST NIGHT AND FIRST ALL NIGHTER!Hopefully its sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet as candy! And my butthole :P

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Chanel Famous: Sexxy

what an exciting day today. I really enjoyed all your company today, i hope for more attention tomorrow from all my new friends. I love that you loved my mask in my first set i found it hard to keep my clothes on. I thought you'd all like the lace for my second performance i find lace does the trick in getting everyone hot and ready for some fun times. Lace seemed to turn you all on with my big bouncy booty wiggling all over you. Cum men, My room is always looking for fun flirty private times with you and I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow 12pm pacific time chanelfamous tweet me @1chanelfamous

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Katrina English: Mustache Movember!

Good morning ladies and gents! I apologize for being away for so long. I just relocated from Hawaii to Arizona. I don't suggest moving that far. Especially across an ocean. Shipping the car was extremely tedious and I didn't have any cookware for nearly 45 days because it had to be shipped by... ship. So that was exciting. I moved drastic locations, quit my job, and started school fulltime! Wooooo! Starting a new chapter in my life. 0.0But! I am back! Well, sorta. Speaking of ships, it's shark week so I won't be on often this week. This may be too much info, but I have a new type of birth control and it is just wreaking strange effects on my nethers. Overall though, I am excited to be back! I have missed my regulars terribly. And I am always excited to meet new people. I don't have a schedule yet but I can guarantee that I won't be around Wednesday and Thursday evenings, one for aerial dance practice, the other for pell sword practice. Also Friday afternoons I have dance. And Sunday is fighter practice! Guess who's fighting heavy now? Well, not yet, but soon! I just have to get my armor together. Anyways, I hope you are all doing well. Happy hump day and happy Movember! "Who wants a mustache ride?"

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Sally Jones: Thanksgiving Preparations!

So I'm pretty excited for next weekend. If I can get enough driving practice in to have my license by next Wednesday, I'll be driving my scooter to my dad's house and staying there with my boyfriend for the weekend. I'm a little nervous, because he hasn't met my stepbrothers yet, and they aren't the most....pleasant of people. However, I'm sure he'll manage. This will also be the longest amount of time he will have spent around my dad in our year of dating. They actually met each other at my graduation. They seemed to get along okay then, so I'm not really worried. It'll be nice to be able to include him in stuff from that side of the family! At my dad's thanksgiving get-togethers, we usually invite a bunch of people over, and it turns into a sort of potluck meal. My boyfriend's stepdad is being pretty obnoxious lately. He got mad at my boyfriend because he wouldnt be spending thanksgiving at his grandma's house this year. It's the first thanksgiving since his grandpa passed away, but it's not the first get together that has happened at his grandma's house since then. His stepdad has been causing all sorts of other problems and arguments, too. All the more reason not to spend thanksgiving with them, I say! My boyfriend agrees.

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Susan Zeve: A Night of Madness

Last night was a sad night for me. She was soaking wet and had no one who would please me. I play alone and imagine pamper a man with a really big penis fuck me like it was my last night. It was so hot I masturbated again and again imagining the world more palatable cock. I am looking for someone who will love me and not have to spend nights like yesterday. I want someone to put his cock in my mouth, and let me love again and again. I want someone who will not get tired of fucking me in the evenings. wanna feel the heat and sweat of a man who wants me. guys, guys I have them in my bed tonight. Sometimes I wonder if it's too much to ask more of a man to satisfy my instincts. I look forward to that day. I need someone to help me. I want someone who recorrra my whole body with his tongue. juege want someone with my breasts and suck my vagina. sleep with someone to get home all you do is make me love savagely. I want tips to get this man and want soon. This morning I could not stop thinking about it. In my head whirled about that.

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Nikita Bellucci – Solo

No you are not dreaming, Nikita Bellucci is just that dreamy! Nikita is 23 years old and comes to you from Pau, France. She is a goth girl at heart and has a bunch of hot tattoos to prove it. What could be more sexy than a diva goth chick with a scorpion tattoo right at her bikini line? Nikita says she loves to tease men and get them all sorts of excited and worked up, so download her sexy solo scene and give her the chance to make you sweat! Nikita is a HotVideo Girl :) -- FRANCE, 33/26/32, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Ria Rodriguez – Solo

Ria Rodriguez is full of fun. She is the model in the dressing room that is always laughing with her costars and pumping them up for their performances. Ria gets her energy from being a total athlete. When she is not on stage dancing, she is running kickboxing classes at her local gym. These activities are what keeps Ris in perfect shape and it is a real treat to watch her show off her well toned, naked body. -- HUNGARY, 33/24/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Middle East

Ophelia Starr: Having Fun…and Technical Difficulties!

Hi all!Its day two here and I am having so much fun meeting new people. So many of you have been absolutely kind, welcoming, and sweet as can be. Which is what bums me out when my chat room crashes and I lose everyone! Im working with site admin to resolve the issue, but if we've been talking lately and I vanished know this- its not you, its me. :)Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and supportive, it certainly makes me want to keep coming back! Maybe if Im lucky some day I'll make enough on this site to buy a new computer (Im a Mac girl) and my technical issues will be resolved. A girl can dream! Im excited to start doing private shows, send me a message if you have an idea (shower show, sexy high heels, etc) and we can work out a time to go for it. I wanna know what YOU want!Thanks again for making my first couple days here so fun! *kisskiss*Ophelia

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Angel Heiress: Passionate Night Short Story

As I lay waiting on the out stretched bed, the cool silk teddy against my skin. I hear you slide the key into the door, my heart skips a beat longing for you to hurry to me. You are outside the door moving about the apartment, the champagne settles deeper into the ice, the candles fill the room with sweet aroma, my heart beats faster, and my lust grows longing for your touch. You enter into the room, I can see your silhouette in the door frame, smell your musk as you enter. You slide across the bed to me, grabbing my ankles and pulling me closer to you. You climb up over me kissing my lips with such passion. My hand slide under your jacket sliding it down your arms and off your body. Throwing it down into the floor your hands return to my neck and hair. Drawing me in deeper as you kiss me. I can feel how hard you are against my pussy. I start to unbutton your shirt, I can feel the heat off your skin as my fingers slide down your chest. I untuck it from your pants and slide it off your arms, adding it to the jacket in the floor. I then move to your belt undoing your pants and moving my hands around to your ass pulling you against me, grinding myself against you. You stand up and slide your pants and boxers off your body, my lust for you growing even deeper as you do. You crawl back onto the bed sliding your hands up the side of my legs, up my side under my teddy sliding it up over my head, your strong hands moving up my arms holding me down as you grab my breast, taking a mouth full and sucking on it passionately. I moan out in lust, arching my back, longing even more for you. You then slide your hand from my breast, down under my panties feeling the moist wetness you have caused. Moving up over me you give me a small teasing kiss on my lips, then kiss down my neck, breast, sides, and down my hips to my sweet little lips. You move your hands up my thighs spreading them open for you. Teasing my clit with your thumb as you feel me quiver to your touch. You kiss the inside of my legs, teasing my lips with your tongue, slowly separating them with your finger and you gently slide it into me feeling how wet I am. You then start to tease my clit with your tongue drawing it out. You start to sucks on it ever so gently rubbing your tongue faster against her. I start arching my back in pleasure feeling the passion building up in my body wanting the sweet release. You gently move your fingers inside me pushing upward, sucking harder, pressing your chin down on me, and moving your tongue hard against my clit feeling my muscle tighten around your fingers and my body release and my sweet juices stream down your fingers. You move back up my body kissing my breast as you cup them in your hands, then kissing my neck sucking on it slightly feeling me quiver as you do, kissing my lips running your fingers through my hair. I roll you over onto your back and sit on top of you but not letting you enter me. I kiss your lips, down your neck, moving to your chest caressing it as well, I move down your stomach to your nice hard dick sliding it into my mouth. I wrap my hand around the bottom and the other hand I cress your balls. I start off slow moving up and down, slightly twisting you in my mouth as I come back up. I start moving faster and faster running my hand up your body and back down your thigh. Feeling you build with desire to cum from the pleasure my mouth has brought you. After a little while of just enjoying my warm mouth on you, feeling my hands caressing your body you pull me up on top of you. I grab your dick and slide it deep into my wet pussy, arching my back in pleasure and drawing you in deeper. Your hand on my hips controlling the speed I move back and forth against you. I lean forward kissing you deeply as you slam harder inside me, I moan out in pleasure against your ear begging for you to do it again. I push up on your chest using your body to push you deeper inside me as I slide back and forth, feeling my clit rub against your body as I move. Faster I slide until I start to cum and I can't slide anymore. You grab my hips and push me faster and harder as I cum even harder and more intense. You sliding me back and forth by my hips controlling how long I cum, feeling my muscle tighten around you. Pushing up with your hip rolling me over on to the bed, you over me, you slide your dick into me once again, pulling my legs around your body, my hands running up and down your back pulling you deeper into me. You grab my legs bringing them up over your shoulders, me moaning even louder than before. Telling you how good you feel inside me, how much I want to feel your dick grow even harder as you cum inside me. Begging for you to fill me. My fingers pushing deeper into your back as I moan even louder as I cum again over and over on you. My juices running down my leg and over your dick. Feeling you push harder and deeper into me. Your body tensing up just before you release into me. Feeling your muscles release in pleasure on top of me. I wrap my arms around you and hold you against my body as you relax. Our breath is heavy and hearts beating fast, slowly our bodies come to rest as we stop feeling the orgasms moving through us. You roll off me and I curl up against your side. We lay there quiet just remembering how our bodies felt together, the pleasure, desire, and lust.

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Kiki Fun: Online Live

I haven't wrote a blog entry in a while! I'm not sure if you even read these but, I want to give you an update. I haven't been on because my computer crashed! I don't know why it won't come on but I need to get it fixed soon! I miss hanging with you. It's a terrible withdrawal unable to chat with you all. I'm hoping it is not the motherboard. I will have to make a new purchase if that's the case. I put the MacBook Pro on my Amazon Registry if you interested. I have been a good girl and Christmas is around the corner. ;) Would you be my Santa? I'll come sit in your lap and tell you what I want. ☺️ So if your curious as to why I haven't been around... That's it. I plan to keep my flirt phone on so you can reach me.if you join my Fanclub you will see new content there regularly. I intend to upload more now until I'm back LIVE. MISS YOU! Feel free to message me. I will gift you a response. Love, Kiki💘If you have a Twitter and would like to follow me I'm @kikiflirt tweets daily. Bye for now! 💋

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Bria Cash: Running Late

Tonight has been quite a night for me. Too much to do and very very little time to do it in. I'm looking over the site more and more each day and I'm still finding new things that I want to learn about. Last night I did my very first party chat last night and the outcome was very good!! I was able to make someone happy and I had a lot of fun doing it. I have noticed that there isn't as many people on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as the weekends. That's to be expected though Im sure. Each day I am finding that it is easier for me to do a show. I'm not too nervous anymore and I am actually looking forward to it now. I plan on doing a big show on Friday night and pretty excited for that!! So I also love to do this whole blog thing its really nice and fun to write about my day and what I am looking forward too. Tonight I am doing a lot of multi tasking, trying to write a paper, write my blog and make sure I give lots of love to my sexy friends. wish me luck,

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Sierra Elizabeth: Who I Am

Hello everyone, I wanted to take the time to let you all know a little about me. I am 38 years young, mother of 4, I am a pro photographer by trade and also have a degree in accounting.I am a very educated woman who is down to earth, witty, sweet and love meeting new people.I love chocolate, dancing, being outdoors, fishing, concerts, and so much more! I hate seafood, mice, snakes and cocky people. I believe you only get one life to live so live it up!If you want to get to know more about me, I would love for you to come and talk to me. Tell me about yourself, your fantasies, fears, or just to have a good time.My favorite place so far is Las Vegas! It was a blast and I would love to go back for another week.I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you who take the time to get to know me.Sierra

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