Channing Black: First Day on the Job

Here we go trying something new! So excited to start this new adventure of my life. Recently moved into the California area. I start college up again in August at UCLA to pursue my doctorates in nursing. I am hoping my clientele can help me achieve all my goals and watch me along the way. I would like to learn some new things about myself along the way. Maybe one of you can help me find new pleasures I have never encountered before?! I look forward to meeting people from different places and learning about different fetishes and pleasures. As this weekend if fourth of July I hope to bring you all a great first experience from me. Help me ring in the new opportunity well! Be sure to watch for me online because I love meeting new people. I am a great listener and a great people pleasure even more! I want to fulfill many new fantasies for myself and my clients. Please private chat me so we can learn about each other and get to know what we like best for our greatest satisfactions. I need someone to break me in to this virtual world easy. I will try to keep posted on the blog as much as I can to keep you all informed of the news in my side of the world.

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Melena Maze: My Apologies for My Absence!

Been a week or more since ive been broadcasting. I just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgotten about you. I love catching up with my regular visitors, who love to keep a good conversation going with my person. If you are one of my regulars but haven't gotten the chance to introduce yourself to me on chat, I would like to invite you to do so next visit to my room ;) ! I love keeping a fun n not strangerish relationship between us. So lets have some fun and get to know each other alil more. Till then just keep picturing me doing something naughty like always,see ya loves*

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Blondes Love Brunettes, Friday 7/3

Lesbian films are always enjoyable, but they are infinitely hotter and juicier when the two girls have sensual chemistry. We've really hit that mark with Blondes Love Brunettes, our next upcoming film.

Blonde hottie Anikka Albrite gets together with horny babe Riley Reid. These two are so relaxed and comfortable with each other's company that there's nothing at all to stop the explosive sexuality from igniting immediately. I could watch these two 69 together all day long!

Blondes Love Brunettes will be released on Friday, July 3. Get ready for a sultry hot weekend with two stunning coeds.

Bambi Hart: Almost There

I can't wait to get my new HP and stream I have been so lonely without all you. My video just kept freezing so I just didn't see the point in streaming. Private was fine. I can't wait to get on tomorrow and play I am a cranky moody Bitch when I don;t get off and I feel like I am going to explode. Tomorrow night is going to be a fun one. Hold on to you lube lol

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Natilee Belle: My First Update 6/30/15

A lot of models say that your first month is full of ups and downs, but I'm still waiting on my ups. I'm ready to meet some people and hopefully we can build a relationship here. I want to have private shows where my men and women feel safe, it could be our own little vault. Im very excited to see what's in store but I'll be patiently waiting. Until then, I'll be making a few videos to load up by next week and adding some things to my wishlist. Can't wait to meet you! Xoxo

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Angel Gold: I Miss You!!

I want to let everyone know that I am back for good! Now, I need your help. I need to improve my webcam and toy collection! My house caught fire a month ago and I lost EVERYTHING! I'm trying to replace everything plus more. I do have my 26th Birthday coming up, August 25th!! I have a goal set up for my Birthday funds. I will be using my birthday money to invest into each and every one of you. I will be buying more outfits, toys, webcam, etc. I'd Love to hear your request.. Make sure to tell me when you come visit or just send me a direct message. I love getting online and seeing my inbox full of messages! It makes my DAY see how much u really love and miss ur guardian angel.Until Next Time,Angel Gold

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Charlee Chase: Wild Ride

So far, 2015 has been quite the wild ride! I started out the year super sick, taking one of my kiddos to the hospital, it's literally been one thing after another. Then found out we qualified (after 2 long years of busting our asses) to buy a home. This would be my first ever home purchase and all I knew is it's supposed to be a major pain in the ass and it's going to take along time, often several months. Great. With a schedule as busy as mine usually is, I wasn't looking forward to months of annoyances, but sometimes life just is what it is. Well, turned out to be the exact opposite of everything I'd ever heard. Looked at several houses one day. Blah. Looked at several more houses the next day and put in a bid on one. It was accepted. Within 30 days, we were packed and moving into the new house. Since the Master bedroom is TINY ... (wouldn't even fit the furniture), we turned the "family room" into the Master bedroom. Since it was just a room before, it had no closet, so we hired contractors to build a walk-in closet. THAT TOOK FOREVER!!! It was a full month in waiting for permits and all the crap, but once the permit got puled, several days of guys in and out and the closet was complete. SO, I am building the inside part of the closet day by day, and I'm making it my own. Now that I finally have my own home, and I have a closet, I'm finally unable to unpack and get back to my normal crazy busy schedule and I'm looking forward to spending some of that crazy schedule here with you!

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Ariel Grey: Bored, Need New Toys to Play With.

I was just thinking, I need to get new toys and outfits. I am hoping to get some soon. I updated my wishlist, so I hope to see some new things soon. My favorite color is Pink, however, I also like purple, blue, and red. I am super excited to be back. I hope to see new faces and I hope they are as excited as I am. I can not wait to share all of my new things with everyone. I can not wait to share my desires as well as be apart of yours. I am super excited to talk with everyone. Tell me what I can do for you. So I've Been Thinking A Lot About Positions. I Have Decided To Try As Many As I Can. I Must Say That As Of Right Now I Personally Like Doggy. I Must Say I'm Liking How My Ass Is Starting To Look. So I've Been Practicing New Things In My Mirror. I Hope To Be Able To Show Off My New Moves Soon! Visit My Wishlist Loves. So If You Have Any Requests Just Let Me Know. Remember Tips For Requests But In Private Anything Goes. Can Not Wait To Be Fu*ked. So You Tell Me Are You Ready? If You Want To Know Anything Or Schedule A Day And Time Just Inbox Me And Let Me Know Loves. I'm So Excited For How My Life Is Going At The Moment. Things Are Starting To Look Up Just Can Not Wait For Things To Get Better. I Love Trying New Things So Remember If You Have Any Special Requests Please Let Me Know Loves.

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My Masseuse, Tuesday 6/30

Couples massages that act as foreplay are always hot as hell. If you enjoy watching two lovers oil each other up and rub each other down, then My Masseuse is a film for you!

Hot babe Violet returns to Nubile Films to indulge in a languorous massage with her man. I really enjoy watching her lift her rump to request special attention to her bottom and pussy, but most of all I love watching Violet with those soft lips wrapped around a hard cock while she sucks like a Hoover.

My Masseuse will be released on Tuesday, June 30. Don't forget to check out Violet's first hardcore film. She's stunning!

Kassy K: Totally out of the Loop!

Sorry everyone! I've been gone forever! If you've been following along, I had been taking care of my mother since July - I am still taking care of her, but other life things have happened! I just moved into a new house about a month and a half ago, and I just gave birth to a baby boy about a week after moving! I conceived whilst on the pill, which was interesting enough, but I was also supposed to be sterile! So that was a shock to everyone involved (haha) - As much as people would object to camming as a mother - I still love showing off for all of you! I still have another two-ish weeks before I can put anything in my pussy, and god I miss it - but that means it'll be all that much tighter for everyone! Almost like I'm brand new! I have a few more toys that I've ato my collection as well! Ben-wa balls (which are supposed to make me tighter than sual, so I'm not sure if that means I'll just suffocate anyone's dick that I get), anal beads, a new bullet vibe, and a few other small things - I just have to find the box that has most of the stuff - I have a breast pump too, which isn't supposed to be for anything fun, but it still is!

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Blythe Nicole: I'm Here!!

I started doing this a while ago but wasn't really committed to it. Now that I'm back and have decided to give it real shot, I'm having so much fun!! I hope being on here more often means I get to chat with a lot more of you guys. Everyone is so nice to me, and not that I have self-esteem issues or anything, but I really appreciate all the compliments I receive everytime I'm in chat. They always make me smile and never get old. I'm so happy I've found something that keeps me busy and entertained outside of work. I got into a little trouble with the law last year, and this is really helping me steer clear of any similar issues in my life. Well honestly jail wasn't all that bad haha I actually had a lot of fun with some of the girls in there and some of us got a little naughty with each other ;) but of course I can get so much more accomplished on the outs. I really don't mean to condone a criminal life by saying I didn't mind being incarcerated, what I actually feel about it all is that no matter what life throws at you, you should always make the best of it and try to have fun and be happy. It's truly the only way to really live. I know it's so cliche to say life is too short to be miserable, but it's the truth and how do we not see that it's so easy to smile and we were not meant to live in misery? Anyway I'm so glad to be alive and be a part of this. Come chat with me soon!!!

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