Jess The Sub: What Have I Done?

What have i done? Here is the obligatory introduction blog post. Just in case, by some miracle, You have not met me in my cam channel.. (In that case, please message me and tell me how the hell you found this blog...) i am jess the submissive, i am a MtF transgender pain and humiliation slut. i have been living a BDSM lifestyle for roughly a year since my Master first made me his collared submissive. Since then i have been trained by Him (and Others). Here is a "short" list of the things that i have done.-i am a bit of a bratty/disobedient/smart-assed submissive, and Master punishes me often for my misbehavior. i have been spanked, paddled, lashed, caned, cropped, and flogged on a regular basis and i LOVE all of it. -i have also been trained to be a total slut for severe nipple torture and to have multiple orgasms from it.-i love all forms of physical bondage especially when i am tied into the most humiliating positions and used for Master's pleasure while i am helpless.-i have recently learned that i am a total WHORE for hot wax. The hotter the better.-i am being trained to give oral to both men and women. i can not yet deep throat without gagging, but i hope to overcome that ass is being trained with larger and larger plugs. Anal is something that i "deeply" enjoy.-i have been introduced by some friends to the Gor Saga of books, and have been studying to perform as a 'kajira' for any of You Masters or Mistresses out there that are fans of that series.-i have also met some AB/DLs online as well, and i love to Roleplay with them.Last but not least: TRYING NEW THINGS is almost always something that i crave to do. i want to make this list LONGER. Please help me to do that sometime.

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Through The Lens, Sunday 10/4

If you've ever dreamed of what happens to the lucky photographers who get to do photo shoots with hot models, then perhaps our next upcoming film, Through The Lens, can help fuel your fantasies.

Kimmy Granger and Jillian Janson are stunning models, but they're even hotter when they dress in bras and thongs and strut back onto the set together in full-on seduction mode. I really love watching their man as he eats out those two delectable pussies in this one. Even hotter, though, is watching the two girls work together to help one another deep throat their man's cock in preparation for a hot threesome.

Check out Through The Lens when it is released on Sunday, October 4. There's nothing hotter than two girls that are totally into each other's pleasure, and this film certainly fits the bill!

Nicki Deep: Nicki Deep is Here

hey all im the biggest slut ever waiting for someone to just use all my Wholes telling me to fuck me hard with dildos in ass and pussy til i scream then i tie a rope around y head so I cant scream i can just gag and cry force me to slap and spank my self til im all done then come all over the cam and stop leaving me humiliated and fucked bruttaly like i should be. im a slut i desorve to be treated like that

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Anal Lovers, Thursday 10/1

Having a fun time with one lover is awesome, but when a second potential lover asks to join you for a threesome there's only one answer: Yes! That's the premise of Anal Lovers, our next upcoming film.

Adriana Chechik is feeling particularly horny after watching Hollie Mack and her man make out. She sneaks into the bedroom to join them, and they welcome her with open arms. You won't believe how hot the trio are, especially when Adriana has her man's cock pushed deep in her ass while Hollie finger fucks her.

Anal Lovers will be released on Thursday, October 1. Join this threesome for some hot sexy action that you won't soon forget!

Renee Lovelace: Sick Days

Being a young cam model is very difficult especially if you get sick. I have an infection right now I have the past two weeks . I attempted to have a root canal done but it was unsuccessful . I have a bridge let me start off with that only 4 of my real teeth remain in the top front slots which holds my bridge . The left side is infected . So now I have to have surgery on Wednesday to get them removed so the infection will drain completely and be gone but I have to get a partial plate in my mouth . This has been a gruesome 2 weeks I have not been able to make any money . because the new merge a lot of my community memebers are scattered amongst other sites now. :( I have not gotten to know the flirt 4 free family yet .. and the ones I have met aren't very community and help they are all out for themselves . I hope I can meet more kool people soon. Also get better of course I need to work

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Rae Fontaine: You Guys Should Help Me Save Up for Some Bodypaint!

Last night was a lot of fun. It was my first time webcaming after an almost 2 year hiatus. (I can't believe we spent time talking about Dungeons & Dragons and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!!!!)I decided to leave my webcam on while I slept-hahaha, not really a money making thing, but it was fun. I woke up to find I had 506 people in the room watching me.What a world.I'd really like to start doing some fun shows, especially one where I can go crazy with body paint, with a couple occasional sexy showers. We can all make a night of it ;)And someday soon, maybe tonight or tomorrow, it'll be me in a pikachu tee-shirt, panties, and painting for you guys. I need to get some fun toys.....*looks at empty wallet*..... in due time I guess P:Have a fantastic day everybody!!

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