Ember Brazen: On Your Knees

It's more than beautiful, it's magic.On your knees.Just that phrase is delicious, but the results from it, that come from your submissive who is willing to assume the position out of her submission towards you, is not just beautiful to witness, it's fucking magic.That's not to say it's unexplainable or a creation from potions, but rather it's beyond beautiful, because it's beyond aesthetics. In a healthy, consensual and mutually beneficial power exchange, it's the foundation of all that's good in your dynamic.It's meaningful and purposeful, both mentally and physically. First it gives birth to a physical reality of the power being exchanged. For there is the one standing, who is mobile and has a clear view of the situation. Then there is the one kneeling, immobile and who's view has been reduced to having to look up to have eye contact and who can feel the power of both you and gravity itself, holding her in place. On her knees, ready to serve.Once that physical reality seeps in to the mind, it paints a mental picture for each person.The Dominant, standing tall, with a new found responsibility for their submissive who is literally kneeling for them. The energy that creates is tangible and allows the Dominant to engage further, to display their dominance and allow the submissive to feel comfortable, safe and useful in their submission. It all stems from a gesture, that creates a reality.The submissive. On her knees and vulnerable to the power from her Dom. That vulnerability and the trust associated with that mentally creates a submissive mind set, one that is more pronounced then she would experience on her feet. Because, we adapt mentally to our physical situations and limitations. That's why anything we do physically in Bdsm, can create a dual effect. It will effect the physical body first obviously, but with context, purpose and ambiance, it will tell a story and create a deep, profound emotional response as well.The base of that type of experience, can start with a simple command, of telling her to kneel. A simple activity. But there is nothing emotionally or philosophically simple about it.There is great power in kneeling for someone and to get someone to kneel for you. That power is being exchanged in a very visceral and real way in that instance.When it happens and I look down at her, kneeling and being obedient. She's never more beautiful, never more stunning. She's mine in the moment and that moment makes me look at her as not just a beautiful woman kneeling, but someone who respects and explicitly trust me with all her being.That's beyond beautiful really, it's fucking magic to be honest.******Magic- Innermind

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Lucy & Jonathan: Web Cherry Well and Truly Popped!

Well after all the setting up and battling off the newbie nerves, we finally made our first broadcast.To say it took months of planning and preparation and caused rows and tears would be putting it mildly, and we still weren't really ready!But we bit the bullet and hit that broadcast live button.It didn't look very promising to start with and once logged off our previous levels of optimism were looking to be a thing of the past.Later in the evening we decided we'd have another shot for an hour.Well 3hrs and 3 private shows later we're holding our heads high and looking forward to a successful future as online models!

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Ashley Foxy: Esta Es Ashley

I'm adventurous, cheerful, outgoing, friendly & crazyMusic: Reggaeton, ballads and pop movies: horrorTV: I don't see books: fifty shades of grey, & everything that relates a personal life story and how to grow spirituallySports: Jumpinggame table: chessInterests: get to be a professional & pursue me by myselfDream: To be the best stylist in the world ;)defects: I'm impatientvirtues: I am friendly, noble and a very spiritual person Color: pink and black my type of man / ideal woman: a person who make me feel safe, protected, that is loving and loyal complicity between that person and I have philosophy of life: * juegale to life, don't let life you play you ** To this world love and not the rancor it moves *work: I'm stylist & model study: civil engineering physically am: Blonde, long hair, high, natural & slim body

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Anna Rainne: First Time On! Yay!!!

Hey there!!I am so excited to start my activity on this website. I am also a bit confused about all the available options, but i guess the more options the better. I seem to have a tendency of forgetting about time while i browse the website. I think i have the basic knowledge to open my cam and start having fun, please don;t be mad if i keep asking you technical stuf :D I am fairly new model all together, I don;t have a lot of experience with camming in general and I don't have a main website for now either, so i am looking around.I seem to enjoy free chat websites most.From what i read about it it seems to be just the thing for me.I spoke to a few colegues of mine and they seem pretty happy about it and they had only beautifull words to speak of the platform and about the members.I hope we will have just as much fun together as they seem to have.I have been encouragd to talk about my thoughts on blog for different reasons, including the fact that you seem actually interested in reading them wich is quite cool. I guess is nice to know that someone is listening to you.I will go log in now, heh! Wish me luck! ;)

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Penetrating Her, Sunday 4/19

Bedroom play can lead to the most tender and erotic of lovemaking sessions as you will see in Penetrating Her, our next upcoming film.

Sexy newcomer Aruna Aghora kicks things off with some playful flirting, but soon she is in full-on seduction mode. This luscious lady gives one hell of a blowjob, which makes watching her settle into a 69 a true sight to behold. My favorite part, though, is watching her ride her personal steed like a real cowgirl!

We will release Penetrating Her on Sunday, April 19. Check back to enjoy this Russian bombshell's debut film.

Vicoria Fox: My 1st Day As a Web Cam Gurl….omg

Finally found my Dream Job...Get to play dress up dance like no one watching talk about all my deepest and darkest dirty lil secretes.Now if I can just get over my shyness....lolI have a Good feeling Im gonna Rock this new adventure ...in the future..:) Also I Just want to Give a HUGE Shout OUT to all my new friendsTHKS 4 all the love and support.*:)

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Suzy Baker: Webcam Modeling

The past couple of days have been difficult. When you are not online it is difficult to stay high power score levels. It is a struggle but I am learning to pick myself back up again. Its a little rough right now. I keep powering through and finding more and more customers all the time. I am always learning new things. My newest lesson is taking power boost with a tip for flashes. I haven't had a lot of results, but a few. I appreciate all power boosts as well as tips. I am always willing to compromise so never otherwise when coming into my room I am always open minded about just about anything. So please never be afraid to ask anything. My goal is to make sure always that my customers needs are met. I am always working with my game face on. I love what I do and work hard at it. I am thankful for having this job made available to my life. I have had many different jobs and none of them equate to this. I work hard to take care of my life. I am an independent woman who loves to cum and have a little fun ;)

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Suzy Baker: Webcam Girl ;)

Hello everyone!Today is a great day! I am really starting to get into web camming. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of it and enjoy working with my customers. I have many different jobs in my life and this one is especially fun and new all the time. I enjoy having the time with my customers in private My favorite is to do privates and sum together. I get most turned on watching my customer enjoy the show. I enjoy seeing gratification from what i can do for my customer. I am open minded and easy going, which gives me the ability to have a great private. I will always do my best to meet the needs of my customer. I find it best to do shows when i have also gotten to know a little about my customer initially. I am open to whispers to keep personal information hidden. Always feel free to whisper if needed. I am typically quick to respond to all messages, but I ask always to be patient, Sometimes my room can be very busy and or I could be turned around unable to see my screen. thank you for all my returning customers and fans.

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Julia Storm: Getting Aquainted

I seem to enjoy the flirt4free website more and more.I took a day off today from actually streaming thinking i should stay away today and relax, but somehow I found myself browsing my f4f admin panel.Guess where I ended up!THE FORUM! Somebody save me, I can't get out and I can't stop reading more and more of what amazing models and members of this website have written.It's a great experience to read the thoughts some of you have, it's the cleanest and HQ forum i have ever laid my eyes upon. Not to mention how helpfull most topics were.I love to see how some of the members show apreciaction to their fav models with such nice words. The topics vary and it never gets boring.The coolest thing about it is that if you need to check for opinions on different matters people will actualyl respond to you any time they can, i haven;t seen by now a single question left unanswered. Not only fun but very helpfullOn this topic i invite anyone that is reading this to join me in a forum surf :), is a nice way to chill, have fun and maybe express your opinion if you think that your words can help somone.

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