Ball Busting Street Hooker

Melissa is a hardened street walking hooker. She has become a bit of a dominatrix for some of her johns. She tells how one guy gets hard from her kicking him square in the balls. Melissa has another guy that she makes crawl around on the floor and clean her apartment. When he touches her she beats him. Melissa also shares some of her street wise legal advice. Cracker Jack is not down with the CBT (Cock and Ball Torture). So he has Melissa give him a blowjob making her work for the nut. It's a hard knock life!

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Escort Tries to Get Philosophical Sucking Cock

Erin is an escort that tries to get all philosophical when talking about her fucked up life. Cracker Jack is quite amused interviewing this half witted whore. Erin tells Cracker Jack all about her lesbian love affair. She shares another story about catching her would be husband having sex wearing her clothes. Erin tries to wax poetic but fails miserably. At least she does know how to suck a mean dick. Cracker Jack feeds Erin his cock and leaves her a mouthful of hot sticky cum.

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Hooker Gives Barfing Blowjob

Nancy is a used up tired old ho. She has been Married 7 times in her wild and crazy life. Milk has a longer shelf life then some of her marriages did. Nancy says that after seven gone bad she learned not to get married any more. So much for three strikes and your out. Cracker Jack gets Nancy to share some of her nasty hooker stories before he samples her oral skills. Cracker Jack blows a big nut in Nancys mouth and has her show it to the cam highlighting her fucked up grill.

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Ex-Convict Hood Rat Tasha

Tasha is an Ex convict straight out of prison. Tasha did her time on gun charges. Now she is already back on the streets hitting the pipe. She claims this is her first time sucking cock for cash but she cant pull one over on old Cracker Jack. Heck her old man even knows she is out giving blowjobs. Tasha is not your everyday Whore though she is into the darker side of sex. Tasha has been a submissive little slut pleasing men since High School.

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Pregnant Truck Stop Hooker Jessica Sharing Sick Sex Stories

Jessica is pregnant but she is still hustling the the truck stops for dates. This lot lizard is hitched up with a big black daddy. However he does not know that his girl Jessica is blowing Cracker Jack today. Jessica shares her sickest sex stories with Cracker Jack. Like the one guy that used to pay her for a cup of piss to drink. She has another regular that is a submissive. This guy likes to shove things down in his piss hole. Listen as Jessica tells her twisted life story exposing the harsh realities of working the mean streets for a living.

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Hooker Choked Out by Serial Killer

Begonia is one hardcore street walking hooker. She lives a tough lifestyle. She shares her stories about dealing boosting and getting busted and locked up. Begonia tells a shocking tale of how she was out hooking one night and was attacked then choked out by a serial killer. Luckily Begonia survived to ho another day. After sharing the skeletons in her closet Begonia shows Cracker Jack how well she can suck down a dick. Begonia goes balls deep on Cracker Jacks hard cock until he shoots his cum load all over her.

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Church Secretary Turns Two Bit Whore

Samantha just lost her day job as a church secretary. I wonder if the preacher found out about her extra circular activates. She also lost her waitress job. Now Samantha is a full time two bit whore. When asked about her hooking Samantha exclaims that any bitch that says she loves sucking dick is a liar. She hates cum in her mouth. Cracker Jack is not phased and has her blow him until he nuts in her mouth. Listen as Samantha shares the story of her downward spiral to hooking on the streets.

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Christine Living The Low Life

Christine is a street hardened whore. She has been working her game for years and it shows she is one tired looking ho. Christine is loving living the low life. The crazy shit is this bitch started liking sex once she started hooking at 35. That is when she figured out how her pussy works and could have an orgasm. Listen as Christine shares her sickest street stories with Cracker Jack then she sucks and fucks him.

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Whacked Out Prostitute Gets Ass Fucked

Hailey is one whacked out bitch. You can quickly tell Hailey has burned up one too many brain cells as she shares a mind blowing tale of substance abuse and sex. Cracker Jack gets excited by the story and has Hailey blow him then he spits on her asshole and fucks it. Cracker Jack has Hailey perform ass to mouth cock sucking action too. He finishes off by dropping a huge hot load of cum in Haileys mouth.

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Latina Hooker Confesses Her Darkest Secrets

Red Fox is a life long hooker. She says they call her fire head and the head hunter on the streets because her blowjobs are so good. Red Fox shares all her darkest secrets. Like that her husband is at home with the kids while she runs around with the pimp that is her boyfriend. Her pimp is jealous of her johns though. Red Fox tells all about how she has been robbed many times while working the hustle. This ho has had a hard life. Cracker Jack has Red Fox prove her oral skills are all that by deep throating his hard cock. Then he blows his load all over her big tits.

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Hooking on the for Stroll 20 Dollar Blowjobs

Judith is a hardened street walking hooker. She makes all her money working the stroll giving $20 dollar blowjobs. Judith sucks every cock until it is bone dry. Listen as Judith shares her wildest sexual perversions for pay stories. One guy pays her to fuck him in the ass with a sausage. Judith breaks off the sausage in his ass so he has to push it out. Another guy has Judith put on his favorite stockings and jack him off with her feet. Cracker Jack feeds Judith a load of his cum and she swallows every last drop.

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College Graduate Hits the Streets Hooking

Bethany shows off her gold tooth of Nefertiti stating she is a queen too. Bethany is a life long Whore. She was only 18 years old when her husband first turned her out. Bethany even brings some of her Johns home and screws them with her husband. Bethany tells all about the sickest requests of her dates like a guy that has her step on his balls with high heels. Bethany is so popular on the streets the cops even hit it.

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Bunny The Used Up Street Walking Hood Rat

How pathetic calling yourself Bunny over 23 years after working a summer job waiting tables at the Playboy Club in Ohio. Bunny is currently a mother of four kids with four different fathers. She is an organized street whore keeping a daily list of her dates today there are 14 names already listed. Her boyfriend is very supportive of her work and can usually be found hiding under the bed. Hear her full story about being picked up by a couple dates with a tranny and much much more.

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