Give Her More, Friday 8/1

Waking up with morning wood can be pleasant when there's a willing woman in your arms. That's the spirit we've tried to capture in Give Her More, our next upcoming film.

Jessa Rhodes is a totally sexual creature in this one. I love the way her body responds, especially when she's right on the verge of cumming and can't control her twitching legs and her breathy moans. My favorite part is the way she just shoots into orbit when her man starts licking her anus and rubbing her clit!

Check back for Give Her More when it is released on Friday, August 1. This is one hot morning fuck that you won't want to miss.

Eager To Please, Tuesday 7/29

After a hot date it isn't surprising when the couple goes home together for a sexually charged good time, just like the one featured in Eager To Please, our next upcoming film.

Katy Rose is spectacular in this one with her throaty moans and her rapturous expressions. I love the way she sucks her man's cock with long slow bobs of her head like she's savoring the best treat she could possibly have, and I can't get enough of watching their slow sensual fucking.

Eager To Please will be released in our members area on Tuesday, July 29. You won't want to miss out on this hardcore seduction!

Red Hot Orgasm, Sunday 7/27

Luscious Natalie Lust has been such a big hit that we couldn't wait to bring her back again for Red Hot Orgasm, our next upcoming film.

While dressing for a night on the town, Natalie gets distracted by the pleasures of her horny body. I love watching her work that vibrator deep in her bald twat as her moans grow louder and more desperate with every stroke. What I wouldn't give to be that vibrator!

Red Hot Orgasm will be released on Sunday, July 27. Check back for this sumptuous solo shoot!

Missed Your Loving, Saturday 7/26

When two lovers have been separated for a long time the sex when they reunite is always spectacular. We've tried to capture that in Missed Your Loving, our next upcoming film.

Janice Griffith is a voracious lover in this movie, cumming again and again and always going back for more. My favorite part is hands down watching her ride her man in reverse cowgirl as she arches her back and rubs her clit and pumps her hips all at the same time. She's incredible!

Check back for Missed Your Loving on Saturday, July 26. Janice is amazing and you will surely love her hot hardcore film.

Cumming For Dinner, Wednesday 7/23

When a girl offers to cook dinner there's often something else on offer, no matter how the meal turns out. That's the premise of Cumming For Dinner, our next upcoming film.

Luscious newcomer Abby Cross invites her man for dinner and dessert. Even though dinner doesn't turn out the way she planned, dessert is all this couple needs! Hands down my favorite part of this one is the camera angle we get as we watch Abby riding her man like her own personal stud. I love watching her pump those hips as her boobs bounce with her.

Cumming For Dinner will be released on Wednesday, July 23. Check back to watch Abby in her hardcore Nubile Films debut!

Getting Close, Sunday 7/20

If you enjoy fantasizing about two stunning girls who just can't get enough of each other, then Getting Close, our next upcoming film, is going to be for you!

Kitty Jane and Katy Rose are both voracious lovers. Together, they just can't get enough of each other! I love watching Katy's back arch with sheer pleasure as Kitty works her with her talented mouth and fingers. I think my favorite part, though, is the sensual 69 towards the end.

Definitely check back for Getting Close when it is released on Sunday, July 20. Kitty and Katy put on a lesbian show that is sure to leave you wanting more!


6 years ago we shot Lolla for the first time. Now she is a famous erotic-starlet and looks still incredibly good. So we thought, it is time for a new video with her. Watch Lolla in a very straight, sexy and satisfying masturbation-scene and be inspired by her eternal youth.


Ready To Cum, Saturday 7/19

Super sexy Natalie Lust was so popular that we knew we had to bring her back right away. Get ready to enjoy Ready To Cum, her next upcoming film.

In this one, Natalie is clearly getting ready for bed when she decides that masturbating will surely help her get to sleep. I can’t get enough of watching her work that vibrator on her dripping bald pussy while her hips gyrate with pleasure. She’s just so hot!

Check back for Ready To Cum when it is released in our members area on Saturday, July 19. Natalie is hot as hell, so don’t miss her latest update!

Before You Leave, Thursday 7/17

It's not unusual to wake up craving more the morning after a night of sex, and the temptation to stay for another round of fun can be too much if your lover is willing. That is the premise of Before You Leave, our next upcoming film.

Luscious Kacy Lane has already dressed when she tries to give her lover a goodbye kiss that quickly turns into a full-blown seduction. I love watching Kacy's blowjob in this one. She takes her time, using her hands and warm wet tongue to tease and harden every inch of her man's cock. Her reward comes from the hard hot fuck fest that follows!

You can watch Before You Leave when it goes live on Thursday, July 17. Don't miss this raunchy hardcore movie!