Bunny Monrow: Halloween Aint Ready

HAPPY HALLOWEEN-IEEE !! Im going to be jacking all your weenies today like always ;). This year I decided to dress up as a Bl00dy Vampire Bunny. I'm going to have a line of red- oozing and dripping from my red luscious juicy lips. My huge DD tits are going to be covered with scratches of red and I have a scratched up white skimpy tank top! I shredded it all up on my boobs- only a couple strands are holding the tank top together in place, so I can show off my red lacy bra underneath ;) yumm - my boobs are going to be poppin! I'm finishing off my costume with some red skin tight shorts that show half of my bunny booty -- along with sheer stockings and sexy red boots! Can you say hot?! Oh, and of course don't forget about the ears and tail ;). I wish I can show you guys today, but I can't show bl00d, fake or not, on the site,, blah it's the sites rules :( thought you'd appreciate my description tease though ;p muahaha! By the way, there's a huge contest going on starting tonight,, I really wana win:: so all credits help and are sooo appreciated

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Intimate Session, Sunday 11/2

It's always hot as hell when two people can't keep their hands and mouths off of one another, which is exactly the case in our next upcoming film Intimate Session.

Delectable blonde Halle Von is a hot and horny newcomer who can't wait to show off her skills in the sack! She kicks things off with a long luscious blowjob, but my favorite part is watching her change things up as she's got a hard cock between her legs so that she gradually turns things into doggy style without ever breaking stride. So hot!

We will release Intimate Session on Sunday, November 2. Don't miss Halle's debut because this is one chick you're going to love!

Kelley Smith: Hot Steamy Showers

I absolute love taking long, hot showers, allowing the water to run through every crease and curve on my body, as i gently rub my two small titties and stroke my pink panther until she yells no! After begging for mercy,it's not over I hit her again on the counter top. Lastly taking it into the bed room, slowing down the pace, I rock that baby to sleep. I love going longer and harder each time, Friend me and join my session, you could become lucky enough to be allowed a sneak peek !

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Jasmine Kelley: Check..it Out…

FAN CLUB THAT IS..it is up and running thanks to my first gentlemen to join..you know who you are.I have had fun doing it so far.I have never done a bath or shower show..so,one video is the bath with a lil extra..The other..is a lil more than a dance.Shower one is next on my list.I am very open to any requests or ideas ,if at all possible i will be doing them.I want to give a lil extra fun into the mix.I never want things to become a routine I want every time you come to visit to be exciting.I also have a pvt.fan club blog to an erotic story,or is it you decide????.........As we all know the Holidays are zooming in on us ,so sometime in Dec.I will do a MEMBER'S ONLY.NIGHT to say ty,and have some fun that is not like our regular fun,if you get what i mean..I usually don't do party's so this will be our own pvt party!!!A mass e-mail will be sent out..with time and date..Hope I see you there!!!!....for the all..I also will be doing something a lil extra for you guys too..but only what open chat allows.You guys know how it goes.As always THANK-YOU SOOOO MUCH..YOU GUYS ARE WHAT KEEPS ME HERE AND IN MY ROOM..XOXOXOXO SEE YOU SOON JASMINE

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Adisa K: 10 Things She Wants to Hear

YOU LOOK GORGEOUS TODAY- Some rendition of this is always sweet and fabulous. Many women spend hours in the bathroom to look good for... themselves, but also for you! Let her know you appreciate that, even if you think you already do, the words mean a lot!I LOVE YOU- Obviously, don't throw this around to someone you don't actually love! If you do love her, however, use it. Tell her. Make sure she knows what's up; it keeps the romance alive!WOW YOU ARE THE HOTTEST WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN- I just think every woman wants to be beautiful, but being hot... that's a little different. That's like your favorite model or porn star you're whacking off to... so she will love it when you are talking about her!I WANT TO TAKE YOU SHOPPING!- Well, this is a treat, and we understand that cannot happen on the regular, but seriously - many of us are socialized to love this shopping stuff, so indulge us when you can. :)CAN WE SNUGGLE? - This is thoughtful and sweet and shows that sex is not the only thing on your mind... even if it is. Girls want to be snuggled and shown affection, so do it!CAN I LICK YOUR TIGHT PINK PUSSY?- This is sexy and perpetuates the idea of foreplay and sex. I love the visual, and so do a lot of women. To be able to describe something like this simple act is wonderful!I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU- Building up anticipation is fun and adds to a little foreplay action for later.WHAT ARE WE DOING TOGETHER THIS WEEKEND?- This shows you are planning for the future and reserving your precious time for this special woman. Basically if there's no pre-plan for me, I'M OUT!YOU ARE THE BEST!- Why thank you. I mean everyone likes their ego stroked a little, so give it to her good and be sincere when you do it!HOW DID YOU GET SO CUTE?- I love when my man says this to me. I feel like it's just a sweet little affirmation that keeps me wanting more;) all girls like to feel special, even us cam girls, we know you like other models to, but when your in our room we would like to think that its us that is on your mind!

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Niala Jackson: Late Night on Flirt

So why is it you cant figure out the hours of when The men that actually want you and want to spend are on? I know im new but being 9 years as a dancer I figured this would be a cake walk like being a phone sex operator... hmmm!!! quesitons and very open minded to feed back... I am def a man please and love to make you feel comfortabl, maybe its my piercings and tats?? to late to change the look now.. I have truly enjoyed this 3 days so far and looking for years with you gents...

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Dorothy Black: Hello

byehow are you? I am well, although there is not enough time for anything is so much work during the summer approaches and trying to live it. Over the weekend I was able to hold a house party for my friends really enjoyed ourselves mostly roasted talking of course we drank, we danced until dawn the next day it was the hog naj ymindenki was a little tired of the alvástól.De worth it because at last we were together. The poor cats were not able to flee to the many people and noise, they hit him more of a party the next day mindenhl exhausted, lying on a sleeping :) on Saturday night, three show orchestrated ugyhog Ymara exhausted I came up to you but I really enjoyed it once again filled with időt.Szeretem when extended Privates and they have time to get to know that person and if you miss that I can enjoy and beget elélvezzek.Sokan not wait for sometimes not even that is not moved or getting undressed one evening elélvezzek is right for 6-8 minutes should not enjoy the right to succeed are you coming here to enjoy it and I would not enjoy it but it is very important to those in the private where I am in the foreground helyezve.Két weeks I travel a little freedom for the rest rámfér sure you will not see him for 3-4 months but then I start again with renewed vigor entertainment.

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Regina Glass: First Impressions

Diving in has been exciting and scary. More the former than the latter. My biggest impression so far has been frustration with technical difficulties--hoping to resolve those asap so I can get practice performing! Runtime errors keep interrupting my chats, freezing my video, and booting me offline :( Other than that this has been AWESOME so far--I never thought I'd do this, but I'm so glad I have. Can't wait to make new friends :)

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Deondria Devine: September Greetings

Hello to all my hot and sexy friends of the world! How are you guys doing this weekend? I am doing absolutely wonderful thank you for asking. I am so excited to see so many new people coming in my room to visit me it is awesome. I can't wait for next Saturday because its my birthday. I really want to do a special show for all my loyal fans who just can't get enough of me. I am hoping that you guys will be able to come and spend some time with me on my special day. I will be giving a members only show on that day so make sure that you join my fan club so that you can get in. I will be giving the details of how you can win a spot in my show today so make sure that you stop by and see me. It is going to be another hot day here so don't be suprised if you come in my room and I have very little on. I just want to say thank you in advance for all the time you spend and the love you give is so wonderful. I am so happy to have you as my friends. Hugs and kisses! D

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Kyla Gaile: Me and Myself

Hey there! just wanna have some short message. I do love the pennis toy because it seems like natural man fucked me.I love to be model of this toy like a star.If I could go on a $10,000 shopping spree I will buy some sexy outfit for my broadcast,a toys also, a beauty needs for me, a new reliable computer and a high definition camera and more.If i would be a famouse, I would like to be beyonce, I loved the way she danced.I love to be specialized in bed scene. My dream travel destination is to be in United States of America.I love to travel and I want to use it as a experience and exploration to myself, Infact I want my honeymoon be conducted in this country.I love their foods, american foods were delicious.If I won the lottery, I will buy my own house, a Hummer5 car and i would like to help those people with disability.During holiday I want to spent it with my family in the beach and I want next weekend hopefully, I can have the chance to bring them to pleasure.

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