Violette Pink and Nikita Bellucci – Duo

Our models were all lined up to get busy with pornstar Nikita Bellucci. They said they heard she was amazing in bed and everyone wanted to see how good she licked pussy. Violette Pink is about to find out how true the rumors are, as she teams up with Nikita for some one on one lesbian fun. Keep your eyes on this sexy duo because there is sure to be tons of fun XXX coming from them! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 31/27/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Lydia Love: The First Time I Made Myself Squirt

Hello!I was reminiscing about the first time I made myself squirt and how surprising it was.I was dating a fireman,,( yes please!!!) and I had driven down the 2 hours it took to get to where he lived. we had gone out to a nice dinner and then home for some hanky panky! He was the DOM in the relationship and he loved to fantasize in ways that I had never experienced so , we always had a lot of fun. anyway, we were rolling around naked and out of nowhere he starts in on the daddy/little girl scenario. Whoa! I had never played that role before and if you would have asked me before I found myself tossed in, I probably would have said that I wouldn't be into it. as it progressed and he was whispering about how I've been a good little girl and how daddy wants to give me a present and let his friends play with me too in those special secret spots,,, I found that I was getting really wet in that special secret spot. then daddy told me to play with myself and as I did as I was told and he kept talking about how I was being a good girl and don't tell mommy, I was fingering myself with 3 fingers by now and then all of a sudden, deep and crazy turned on I felt the warm gush of my juices as they sprayed out of me and against my palm, with force!! they didn't trickle or ooze, they gushed!! it was fun and enlightening and I learned wonderful new things about not only my body but my kink and that even things I would guess I wouldn't be into, I might actually be.. Yeah,, thanks Fireman!

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Tatiana Wilde: My Favorite Day of the Week

I'd have to say Monday! Believe it or not...I know most people hate Mondays.. But having Mondays off is the best day of the week to get everything done.. Why? You can go to the beach and it's literally yours! You open your chair and pop open that beer and then look around and realize ah yes the rest of the world is working at a desk.. And Your here!When your shopping day is long over due .. Because you avoid the hectic weekend when everyone is at the mall..! Not you! because your shopping on Monday! And the best part above everything else no traffic! . it's Monday and every body got to work early and is getting out late....! The roads are yours! What's your favorite day of the week and why.?

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Winner Takes All, Thursday 1/1

What better way to bring in the new year than with a hot threesome? Our next upcoming film, Winner Takes All, will get 2015 off to a great start.

Gorgeous coeds Lindsey Woods and Halle Von team up to throw their game of strip poker so that they ensure they're the losers. From there they entice their man to join them as they create a sensual haven on the couch. I really enjoyed watching Lindsey and Halle as they arranged themselves in a 69 that allowed their man to give Lindsey a proper pussy pounding while they licked each other's juicy twats.

Winner Takes All will be released on Thursday, January 1. You'll love this horny start to the new year, so definitely don't miss it!

Heather Huntington: Almost New Years!

Its almost a new year already, can't believe it! I have so many things I am setting goals for..I recently went on my first cruise back in October and I had such a blast! Has any of you been on one? If you have not I recommend it to anyone.. If you think about it they are actually a lil less spendy than if you were taking a reg. vacation.. your paying for your hotel for however many days your going to be vacationing for plus food plus entertainment..with the cruise your paying about 3 to 4 hundred dollars and everything is included.. I saw some people gettin messed up lol.. Anyway thats a goal I have is to go on another one soon. I did a 4 day I would love to try a 7 day.Another Goal I have is to get a nice collection of some naughty toys ans show them off :-)

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Apollo Hampton & Shiva Cox: Guess Who's Back…

Apollo & Shiva are back at it again and feeling brand new. We definitely have hit a few bumps in the road since our last debut but, after a bit of a hiatus, it's time we break out of our shells once again and give it to you guys raw & uncut every time. Shiva's luscious curves can no longer hold back the tides of Apollo's advances as he feels the time approaching, and deems it necessary to smash & pound for all to witness. We just can't wait to get our points back up to start having fun on here again. Shiva's been feeling a bit down lately but you guys always know how to make her feel special... So go a head and don't be shy guys, unleash us on each other today! We hope everyone had a safe and beautiful Christmas this year. Best wishes to you and yours! :) For those that know we have a little boy who has recently turned a year and we just want to thank everyone of our clients for being the best and supporting us when things were rough. Definitely showed us another side to life and we are loving every moment of it.. Catch you on the flip side ;)

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Molly Winns: Thinking of You!

Hey you guys! I always feel so bored and down when I'm not with you guys! We always have so much fun, if you know what I mean.. (; Anyways, feel free to talk to me and ask me for anything! I don't bite.. (sometimes). Sometimes when I feel sad, or even turned on and have no one to comfort me, I think of you guys. Mostly my regulars.. hey, if you're not a regular you should become one! I'm excited to start my fanclub when I can, and it'll be filled with you guys! Mainly my favorites!(; Haha! To the men in my fanclub, let me tell you I'll be your biggest fan! I can't wait! Oh and, don't forget to send high rating reviews. Being a cam model really helps me be more confident in myself, I apologize for not being on the cam as much as I should be. :( I'm on vacation right now. But, I'll be ready and prepared for you guys when I do come online! I love you guys so much! You always make me giggle. Teehee. I've met some really cool and fun new people working here! I hope you guys have fun too when watching me. Even I have fun performing for you! Also don't forget to use the flirt phone! Call me anytime, I'm here. Don't be shy..I'm bored so let me tell you some fun facts!First off, let me tell you about my favorite sex toy! They're so cute and fun haha! My anal beads! And, my favorite thing to role-play is husband and wife. If you want to know more fun facts, call me on the flirt phone. Since doing my first show, I haven't got a 1 on 1. :( Hopefully you can change that. I'll be online soon, so be ready! Next weekend I think I'll try to be more active, and let the real kinky me go wild! I love love love you guys and this job so much, because it let's me be as wild and kinky as I want with new people like you guys! I should go and get ready so that I can come online. You can also suggest what you want me to wear, and maybe I'll do it. I'm always open for suggestions! Okay, now really, I should get going!I love you!Truly yours forever, Molly WinnsPS. I love:1. Guys with money2. Guys that talk3. Guys and Girls4. People that spoil me5. People that like getting wild6. People that gift me7. People that compliment me8. People that aren't shy9. People that give me cute nicknames10. People that want to become my regulars11. People who like to try new things12. Tits for tips13. People who tip me to do sexy strip teases14. People who suggest things for me to do and what to wear15. People who get o know me!Okay, you guys. Now you know what to expect! I also love attempting to do different accents! lol!

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Shower Session, Monday 12/29

Alexis Adams and her incredible boobs are back in Shower Session, our next upcoming film.

The horny coed is enjoying the warm water and the slick soap as she massages her juicy pussy and big tits when she's joined by her lover. Of course she welcomes him with a lip-smacking blowjob followed by tons of sex! I love all of the acrobatic positions they try out in the shower, and as always I just can't get enough of watching this stacked girl's breasts bounce.

Shower Session is scheduled for release on Monday, December 29. You won't want to miss checking out Alexis's newest Nubile Films hit!