Beautiful Form, Tuesday 2/3

It's hard to go wrong when you're encouraged in your workout by a sexy partner whose reward for a good effort is sexual favors, as you'll see in Beautiful Form, our next film.

Aidra Fox is one of our hottest models, and she doesn't fail to disappoint in this sensual film. I really enjoy watching Aidra use the exercise ball to enhance her experience, making it easier to bounce on her guy's cock while she's giving him a stiffie ride and putting her juicy pussy in perfect fucking position when she's on her back!

Don't miss out on Beautiful Form when it is released on Tuesday, February 3. Aidra;s workouts are a thing of beauty that you'll definitely want to enjoy!

Sarah Danielle: Exited for the Weekend

My sister and I are going to stay at the Hard Rock Café this weekend to gamble and just get away and have a little fun!! Super excited to spend some quality sister time with my wild crazy and beautiful sister this weekend it will defiantly be one for the books! Every time we are together and hang out its like there are no rules for us to follow and I love it, we are defiantly bad girls LOL! Hope everyone has a great weekend and just lets loose and relax! Be wild who cares what other people think, if they aren't paying your bills then they can go some where else with that mess! :)

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Early Arousal, Saturday 1/31

When a lovely lady wakes you up with seduction on the mid, it doesn't matter what time it is as we show in Early Arousal, our next upcoming film.

This luscious lady is horny and excited and it totally shows. I love watching her ride her man's cock like her own personal stud as she dominates him until her pussy is pulsing in ecstasy. She's just so hot and luscious!

Check out Early Arousal when it is released on Saturday, January 31. Sabrina is a hot newcomer that I just know you'll enjoy.

Rudy Blaze: Question 3

3. What are your biggest sexual 'turn-ons' and 'turn-offs'? Hmm, I would say that I like confidence, in whatever shape, form, or package it may appear in. I don't like copies, fakes, or phonies at all; I tend to stay away from the mainstream, as well as the 'popular.' I like people who are genuinely themselves. Nothing sexier really. I like sincerity, honesty, and open communication, most especially during sex. How can you meld and fashion your lover to what you really want and need, without it? You have to explain just how you want to be touched, licked, etc. And if you choose to be with someone, you should always try to exchange these courtesies with each other, so as to live a truly satisfying and fullfilled life together. I also believe a good lover will always be a good listener. I like it when you take your time, especially at first. I believe in foreplay, in warming up the engine before you slam on the pedal baby. Don't get me wrong, I do love my pedal slammed. But it's about timing. I read somewhere, it's not the size of the boat, or the motion in the ocean. It's whether the captain can dock long enough to let all the passengers off. As far as what feels good to me, what I do to myself, what I allow others to do to me...well why don't you ask me yourself sometime, if you happen to see me online, as to just what gets me off at that moment. Because it changes often enough you see, due to my being so imaginative, creative, and insatiably horny.

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Carmen Skye: Ready to Play!

Hello! My name is Carmen Skye. I am new to this site and am so excited to share my experience with you all. I am excited to show you what all I can do for you. I will tell you a little about myself:I am a college graduate who works full time. I work very hard, so when I am not at work I love to let loose and have lots of fun! In my spare time I love to go out with friends to drink/dance.Favorite Sex Toys:My absolute favorite sex toy is my strap on. I love pounding a male or female from behind seeing their booty bouncing against me. I love to dominate. I also love to be dominated. I'm the best of both worlds! ;)My other favorite sex toy is my 7 speed vibrator. The different pulsations are absolutely amazing and keep me horny for a long time! Changing the speeds keeps me from cumming so that I can tease myself for as long as I want.I am looking forward to getting to know you guys. I can't wait to put on a show for you that I just know you will enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? I am ready to play! Let's get it on baby! ;)

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Alysa and Henessy – Duo

If you are looking for sexy, sassy fun then Alysa and Henessy are ready to give it to you! These naughty Russians love playing dress up, especially when high heels are involved. These divas love to play together and they know all the right moves to get each other off. From light nipple play to spankings, handcuffs and sexy toys, they are sure to keep you thoroughly entertained and turned on! — RUSSIA, 33/25/36, RED HAIR, European

Alysa and Ava Dalush – Duo

Ava Dalush is a spitfire from London and her energy is contagious. Ava happens to be short of stature and she loves having a taller woman take control in the bedroom. Knowing this, we had to pair her up with the confident Alysa. Alysa has no problem taking Ava from behind and being sexually aggressive. The result is you get two gorgeous women getting each other off, as you watch in a private show! — RUSSIA, 33/25/36, RED HAIR, European

Sophie Belle: Get to Know Sophie Belle!

Who is Sophie Belle? She's 22, in college, and has the cutest little feet in the world! I started camming because I love to perform and love to try out new makeup looks every day. Being on a webcam gives me an opportunity to practice some extra dramatic, extra sexy looks that I can't wait to take out on the town. I usually post selfies of my makeup on instagram, so if you don't follow SophieBelle_cam go do it right now! Don't worry, I'll still be here when you get back. I love animals, vegan food, and doing couple's shows with my boyfriend of just over a year. Blowing him on camera makes me so horny! He likes to tickle my feet and spank my ass but also likes to tickle my ass and spank my feet ;) Camming with him is super hot and always a good time. I like camming by myself too so I can show off my natural titties and my juicy ass and thighs. Camming isn't the only job I do but it's definitely the most fun! I like men, women, and kinky fun! My favorite things to do on cam are rubbing oil on myself and making my boyfriend lick it off. Come see me sometime!

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Alone With You, Wednesday 1/28

If you've ever gone just far enough into the wild to know that you're totally alone with your lover and then gone at it like bunnies, then Alone With You is your kind of film!

Juicy redhead Karlie Montana and her blonde lover Staci Carr might have intended to do some yoga in the wild, but soon the girls realize they can't keep their hands or their mouths off of each other! I really love the way Staci eats out Karlie's twat in this one. Her enthusiasm is top-notch, and you can tell she's loving every moment of sampling that gorgeous pussy!

Alone With You is scheduled for release on Wednesday, January 28. Don't miss out on this warm and sensual lesbian film!