Megan Harding: I Want Money…that's What I Want!!

Calling all money slaves, paypigs, moneypigs and walletslaves! I am now taking on new slaves so if you are looking for a new mistress look no further. I have a few slaves under me who are just not fitting the bill or should I say PAYING the bill and to be honest they are worthless and not worth my time. If you think you can step up to the mark inbox me. I shall give you a list of things I wish you to buy me each pay cheque you get. You can either give me your cc details so I can order it myself or you can set up a PO Box for me so I can go to collect it. The last option will cost you monthly to keep the PO Box open for me to collect my things. IN RETURN I shall send you pictures and videos of myself enjoying the purchases you have bought me and tell you how good of a moneyslave you are. If you are bad I will overspend and leave you in debt. You must refer to me only as mistress, mis, master, madam, queen or princess. Do you have what it takes to be my next pay pig? ;)

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I Kissed A Girl, Monday 3/2

After a long hiatus, the ever-amazing Presley Hart has returned to Nubile Films for our all-new film I Kissed A Girl.

Presley is joined by insatiable Megan Rain, and the passion between them is instant and incredible. I love watching Presley take total control, manhandling Megan to put her lover right where she wants her for what might just be the most enthusiastic pussy feast I've ever seen.

Check out I Kissed A Girl when it is released in our members area on Monday, March 2. This is one passionate and sexy lesbian movie that you're sure to enjoy!

Adriana Lover: Titty Tuesday!!

hmmm did someone say titty's!! I have some big juicy DDD tittys for you today!! I love to have my titty's kissed and fucked and can even bite them if you would like? I love men that love to put there face right in the middle of these big titty's!! Even I love to look at big titty's!! The bigger better but honestly there is a such thing as too much! If they can touch your belly button then you got to much to handle!! I can remember being young and not having tits and praying in the mirrow that I would be blessed with big titty's! So what is something that you love to do with the titty's? My favorite is when I am fucking a dick with my tits and turn my head down so that as the head of his dick peeps out I can suck on it with every stroke!! And the finale of having his cum all over my chest is so damn hot!! I can wait to have your cum on my chest...and seeing your dick peep in and out of my breast as I hold them tight around your dick! hmmmm...Well fellas Its time for me to log off and get ready to have some one on one tonight on cam! Maybe it will be with one of you handsome guys!! Until then enjoy my blogs, pics, and bio!! Muah XOXOXAdriana Lover

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Darrling Nikki: Fun on Friday!

I wanted to say Thank you!! I loved the energy in the room and the fun yesterday ya'll were amazing! It's Saturday and another one of my favorite days of the week! Then again who doesn't like weekends? The sun is out here and this makes me happy as the promise of warmer weather is on it's way. This will be my last Spring/Summer in the pacific NW. I plan on putting on my wet suit and hitting the rivers for some early white water rafting and continuing through the Summer and I cannot wait! It will be sad when summer ends to say goodby to this beautiful place. However it's a small price to pay for living in paradise(Hawaii). I'm a beach bum and will be in the ocean everyday!Hugs and Kisses,Darling Nikki

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Dolly Graham: If I Were a Super Hero

If I were a super hero I think the one trait I'd love to possess more than anything would be the ability to fly! Can you imagine all the things you'd get to see? I could travel across states or countries or even continents for FREE! I could see all different parts of the world from a 360 degree view point. So much freedom! If ever I were feeling angry or frustrated, all I would have to do is spread my wings and fly away for a minute or an hour or a lifetime.

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Aisha Kisha: Every War

Lately I've met people with characters lacking ... I always hoped for good people to change her the wicked, though often happens vice versa. Someone told me that needs people, support to move forward and I reproach that it can not be like me ... she can not fight alone ... and sometimes have moments when you quit. Sure ... I mean ... and I times when ready, I'm tired ... but whatever state I have, I'm going struggles with the same thirst for victory ... because I understood much, very long, as war battle with you is that you get every war ... say ... because it means choosing to fight for you ... you ... for your life ... and your loved ones. Pride and arrogance of success you down, Steady, from your base, Because THEY draw on your life heaven, Their specific events. Lose weight, enjoy and shut up! Let yourself smoking, shut up and enjoy! Clean your yard, enjoy and leave garbage cleaning neighbor neighbor Where to put himself. For Between neighbor and trash in the yard There is a hidden relationship, like you do not know emotions, feelings and you Will not Remain ever suspect causes, perhaps forever hidden mind and your heart.

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Yasmina Tepesh: Favorite Holiday

My favorite Holiday is Halloween. I love dressing up in fun and sexy outfits and having everyone know that I stand out. My favorite thing to do is make my halloween costume long before Halloween. I usually decide in August what I want to be and I start making it. I also love doing my own makeup and doing interesting effects with it. Then when Halloween rolls around, not only do I have the best costume but my makeup is on point too!I don't usually go trick or treating, but I do go to parties and clubs. Everyone's eyes are on me and I also get so many compliments. Too bad it only comes once a year!

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Kira Queen – Solo

We are so happy to have Kira Queen getting naked on our stage! She is what erotic performing is all about. Kira loves her job and she gives 100% to her fans. Every week she has the cutest outfits picked out and she always brings along her favorite sex toys to play with. You are sure to love Kira just as much as we do, so make sure to check her out! — RUSSIA, 34/25.5/38, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Cum Along, Friday 2/27

We have a real treat for you with Cum Along, our next upcoming film. Not only is it absolutely sweet and sensual, you'll also get to meet a brand new model that you're sure to adore.

We are pleased to welcome Karina Grand to the Nubile Films family. This tight little blonde is one hot number, as you'll soon see. I truly cannot get enough of watching that perfect booty of hers as she bounces up and down on her lover's cock with total enjoyment of her ride.

Cum Along will be released on Friday, February 27. You definitely don't want to miss out on Karina and her incredible body!

Starla Bright: Ultimate Dream Travel Destination

Okay! So most people that want to take a dream vacation would want to go to Hawaii or Jamaica. In all truth my dream vacation would be Ireland and Scotland!! :DThose two places alone are so beyond beautiful and have so much more, in my opinion, than the states. Heritage is a pretty big deal in my family and I would like to see my founding father's birth places!! How cool would it be to say that one of your ancestors was at the same place that you stand at in your time! :D

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