Shawna Lenee: New Cam Room Update!

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well! I have some time off the next few weeks so I plan on getting a lot of progress done on my new cam room! New carpet will be installed on Monday! And I also ordered a new bed today! ;D Also, there is an estimate coming for paint next week. Things are really rolling along nicely! I can't wait to get back on cam for you guys! Thank you all for being so patient! xoxo

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Karisma Kai: My First Time

My first day as a cam girl and I am curious beyond measure. I have never performed such a job in my life, however I needed something with flexibility. Life just throws stuff at you some times. I have no idea what type of adventure I will embark working with this company, however, I am excited to see where the opportunity can lead. I really enjoy meeting new people and this opportunity allows me to meet new people at my own will. I am such a people person, it's unreal. I am not sure how meeting people would feel behind a camera though. It would seem that one would be more self conscious. All I know is that this opportunity, should be a fun one, a liberating one and I am grateful nonetheless. -XOXO

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Charisma Carmel: Cant Sleep

Watched the draft pics tonight. Not my favorite thing to do but I enjoy doing anything with other people who are pumped up about it. I like the strong positive vibe they bring. Now I just finished watching the movie The Break Up and it had me rollin! I don't usually even have the attention span to get into movies so I never watch them but his one had my attention, cute movie. Now im making a grilled cheese sandwich and looking in my closet for something that doesn't fit right on me so I can cut it and change it so it looks bomb. This is what I love to do, my favorite hobby!! Revamping old clothes to new sexy fits. I spend a lot of time dressing up and playing in my room. I love costumes, wigs and all accessories. Love being a woman. Sometimes I spend five hours getting ready just to go to Walmart. I also can roll out of bed an be ready in five minutes but if I have the time then it on and crackin!! I also have a big thing for eye glasses and knee high socks, I must have a million pairs of socks in every color and style imaginable.

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Rachael Hunter: Best Sex

I Love having sex in different places. I am very experimental and like to try new sex fantasy is to have sex outside maybe on an upstairs balcony in the rain..! I think i would have a huge orgasm if my lover took me outside in the rain and fucked me..I would have on a really pretty red dress and red high heels...really tall like 6 inch heals and gold jewelry and I wont even care about getting wet when Im kissing, pulling and grabbing all over...then I would get a finger or two pushed into my pussy really hard for a few minutes until i get good and slippery inside and make me lose my breath that makes me grab harder to get his/her clothes off then grab my hair and push me onto my knees and i want the whole thing in my mouth i love to lick and suck and make it wet and drenching from my mouth....i cum hard when i suck and lick and feel it grow and swell inside my mouth.... that would be so tastes so good i dont wanna stop then cum in my mouth...pull me up by my neck, slap me and turn me around then pull up my dress and eat my pussy and ass and make me cum then fuck me hard and ride me like a pony...pull my hair and slap my ass and pull me in hard by my hips and dont stop and feel my pussy soaking wet all over you

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Cherry Lou: My First Lesbian Experience

I had never really thought much about lesbianism; after all, I was far too interested in getting fucked by guys. That was until I, along with three other girl friends had gone to Spain for a holiday. We had two twin bedded rooms and tossed coins for who shared with whom. I got to share with Alice which I wasn't enthusiastic about as I was expecting a mega fuck fest holiday, and since Alice always seemed straight lacedI saw her as an impediment to having some hunky in the room fucking me stupid.On the second day I met a just the guy I fancied. Tall, blonde and beautifully suntanned, I made it obvious that my pussy was open to his cock for the taking. I had asked the girls to keep Alice away from the room. Unfortunately they had not managed to do so and when we went to the room, eagerly anticipating a delightful fucking session, Alice was already there, and made it clear she had no intention of leaving. The guy did fuck me the next day but it was a bit rushed with me standing against a wall in an alleyway.I was so annoyed with Alice I couldn't even speak to her. So a couple of nights later I was awoken in the early hours by a terrific storm unleashing torrential rain with flashing lightning and thunder crashing all around. I was very pleased as I knew Alice was terrified of thunder and lightning. When I heard her panic stricken crying I thought that was her just deserts. However after awhile I became sympathetic and went to console her. She clung to me as if her life depended upon it and we finished up in bed together. Her head was snuggled against my neck and I became aware her lips were softly nibbling at my neck. It being very hot neither of us had worn anything to bed and I became aware her hand was brushing against my breast. Although taken aback I assumed it to be accidental and was reluctant to leave her while the storm raged. Probably confident that I had not stopped her she began caressing my breasts I felt I should have stopped her but have to admit when she began sucking my nipples I was actually finding it quite enjoyable. I had not been fucked for two days so I suppose I was ready for sex anyway. She became bolder and her hand went down and stroked my pussy. It was so delicate, smooth and sensual it got my juices flowing. Instinctively I parted my legs and taking this as an invitation she was soon rubbing my clit and fingering my wet cunt. I reciprocated by doing the same to her. I was truly enjoying it and it was so different to how guys usually do it.She then went down the bed and putting her head between my thighs used her mouth and tongue on my clitoris while her fingers explored the depths of my saturated cunt. Instinctively I reciprocated by fingering her equally wet quim and clit. Knowing I was close to orgasm she encouraged me to work more rapidly at her cunt and when she came she brought me to a shattering climax with her.After a rest we embarked on a repeat performance and had two more orgasms each before falling to sleep. We missed breakfast as we were to shattered and told the other girls it was because the storm kept us awake.We shared the same bed for the rest of the holiday fucking each other for hours every night. When the other girls were not around we could hardly keep our hands of each other, even having sex together during the afternoon siesta.One night she place a peeled banana into my cunt from which she then ate it. Somewhere during the day she had purchased a double ended dildo which we used on each other every night until the end of our holiday. We didn't indulge any more after the holiday and never ever mentioned what had taken place.She moved away after falling in love with another girl. I never mentioned to the other girls what had happened and they are still unaware of my first lesbian experience.

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Victoria Jae: My First Win!!

Hellloooo, Your new favorite person hereSo I am very new here as you know. This post is about me winning the oil up contest but I really just want to talk about how much I like it here at Flirt4Free. I have worked other places as all camgirls have but this feels like it could be home. Everyone has been very warm and encouraging. I have actually really enjoyed my private shows with you and chatting in my room. I want to thank everyone that helped my with the contest and I appreciate you very much. I don't have set times that I will be on just yet but feel free to message me and let me know we you are on most and when you would like to see me and I will do my best. I should have my set days and hours in a week. Let's see if we can work together, kick a lot of butt and win loads more!!!! #teamVictoria : ) I will be starting my FAN club really soon also. The next time I will be on is Thursday afternoon for a bit. Hope I see you there, you know the place. Leave everything at home, just bring your cock your credits and your good attitude.Kisses

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Nami Tsunami: I Like Giving Rather Than Getting

Most the time when i am with another partner they try please me but sadly most men my age are still little boys trapped in a young adults body, not knowing what to do even though they think they do. So I just please them. I like looking at their faces as I do so. I like how they cringe or bite their lip as I go up and down and twirl my tongue around their shaft and head. I like how they look after they came. They look like they feel so relieved. Then they some how are magically better at eating me out XD lol funny shit. Talk to you lovely people later.

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Lucy Li – Solo

Lucy Li is a certified athletic trainer that discovered her love of stripping when she began teaching a pole dancing class. Lucy was asked to fill in for a colleague one day and run an aerobic pole dancing class and from the moment the cold pole hit her hands, she was hooked! Lucy gets off on the empowerment she gets when stripping for an audience. She is in control, she is running the show and she is sharing her innermost sexuality with you, right there on stage. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/25.5/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Natural Passion, Friday 5/1

Don't you just love watching a horny girl do anything necessary to get exactly what she wants? Anastasia Black isn't shy about shoving her man onto the bed and having her way with him in Natural Passion, our next upcoming film.

You're going to really enjoy watching Anastasia go to work in her debut film. She knows how to suck a cock like none other, but the best part about this lusty hottie is when she's riding her man with her pussy getting pounded so hard that her whole body quivers. Watching her generous tits shake while she's getting fucked is the best!

Check out Natural Passion when it is released on Friday, May 1. Anastasia is a tanned toned babe whose passion is second to none.

Elle Hott: If I Won the Lottery

if i won the lottery i would buy my self a house.. the house would have a secret room in the basement where i would take my clients.. I would have hog ties and restraints blind folds and whips of every size and color and shape.. i would have gags and anal plugs and vibrators and pumps and a wall of torture.. my housse would be a three story full basement.. 6 bedroom 4 car garage 6 bathroom beautiful house.. i would also by my self a fast car (unsure at the moment which one) i would also get myself a escolade.. i would also plan my dream wedding... then i would surprise my other half with a year full of demolition derby's.. i would get him the best everything... but last but not least the most important i would get another dog so my puppy would have a friend and maybe some puppies... i would also donate to charities and cancer facilities i would help starving people in america and other countries as well... i would help make the world a happier place... i would help out families in need and help make sure there r medical facilities to help out families in need... what would u do if u won the lottery????

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Bailey Brooke: Cam2cam

Hey guys,Its my first time blogging and i thought i would talk about my private shows, specifically Cam2Cam and flirt phone in my private shows. I love doing cam to cam in private, it lets me get to know "you" as a client on a more personal level. i like to see my clients happy and smiling when we chat, it makes everything so much more enjoyable and comfortable. What i love even more is Flirt phone in private, nothing gets me going more then hearing the voice of my client enjoying them selves and it makes things move along so much quicker since no one has to type. plus there is nothing more sexy then having someone moan softly into your ear! i hope to see and here you soon in a show. If i am not on when you would like, please just add me on Twitter @Kayla_Dawn_69 and message me there or send me a message on flirt4free and i would be more then happy to set up an appointment for you! also i would like to add, I have a special going on for the next month SEND ME A GIFT FROM MY WISH LIST (ON MY PROFILE) AND I WILL GIVE YOU A FREE 20 MINUTE SHOW!!!!!! xoxo

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