Autumn Woods: Hello My Loves!!

You probably know that Fall is my favorite time of year. Hey, with a name like Autumn, I'd better love it! Yes, the Florida sun is starting to cool down a little, but believe me...the weather forecast for my room is smoking hot for the rest of the year! That's because starting Thursday, October 1st the race is on for the Flirt Of The Year 2015 and with all you loyal and loving fans behind me, we've got a really good shot to win it! But it will be hard work...FOTY is the biggest and longest contest of the year and the competition is always brutal. I hope I can count on everyone's help! I've planned some amazing contests and prizes that all you lucky, horny guys, (and girls J) can win by helping ME win!Anyone who tips me 500 credits or more will receive some sexy SnapChat pics and videos of me for the rest of that month! Imagine waking up to a brand new vid of me toying my wet pussy each about a case of morning wood!And there's a brand new game in my room! Each night we'll play Wheel Of Autumn where every 100 credit tipper get to spin the wheel for some hot goodies like Boob Flashes, Ass Spanks (hard ones!) Fan Club Memberships, and even Free Privates! So tip those credits, spin that wheel and let's have some fun!Lots of you know about my dedication to Toys For Tots charities each year, including area shelters, education programs and most importantly my yearly tip target dedicated to Toys For Tots. So if you can help me complete my target by my birthday on November 28th, I'll make you very glad you glad you did! From 10/01 through 11/28, we're playing "Toys For Tots For Toys" where the top 3 contributors to my tip target will receive an exclusive private video of me playing just for you WITH some sexy panties and a toy. AND I'll send them both to you along with the video! That's a contest where everyone wins!Autumn Woods fans are the most loyal and generous fans on Flirt, and in my 3 years on the site, I've never felt as truly loved and blessed as I have this year. Thank you SO much for helping me accomplish what we have so far. Now let's finish 2015 strong. Being your Flirt Of The Year would be the highest honor I've ever had so please help us get there!I love you all!Autumn

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Sara Ebony: in the Park

Last night while doing some sport in the park look like a couple touched under her clothes and sucked his fingers were burning heat wanted to fuck but busy until I make them and invite them to my apartment a couple inivte wine glasses and leave them alone for a few minutes when to llege were naked fucking that's when I told them I did a trio and then started to fuck 3 they had never done and they like a lot this morning called to say that if we could go home to dinner invite ????

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Seduction Techniques, Wednesday, 6/3

It's always hot as hell to watch when someone who knows what they're doing imparts that knowledge on someone who wants to learn. In Seduction Techniques, Katerina Kay demonstrates to Sammie Daniels how to drive any lover wild!

I love watching the seduction in this one. I think my absolute favorite part, though, is the way that Katerina slips her hand down Sammie's panties and starts rubbing her lover's clit. The way Sammie's eyes roll back and her whole body arches makes it clear how much she is enjoying Katerina's love lessons!

Check out Seduction Techniques when it is released on Wednesday, June 3. These two blonde babes are horny as hell for each other, so don't miss out as they explore their passion!

Alexa Williams: Hey Guys

Hey guys I know I have been blogging a lot just to let yall know I haven't forgotten yall with my busy life. I really need to ask you guys a favor though I love playing with you talking to you and teasing you 😝, but I really could use some boost or tips I mean if you think I'm good then tip me lol or atleast boost me and if you think I'm really good we'll pvt away lol. I have a bunch of you that are loyal to me and that is amazing I feel so loved, but in order to keep me on here at night you have to give a little to me to. I really enjoy being nice and don't want to be stuck up like...well you know lol. Also favoriting me and adding me to that is great to just something showing you care lol. I also have a Twitter and I talk to you guys there as well and it's a great way to see when I'm online I always post before I get on...I will be making a schedule so you guys know around the days I won't be in since I am balancing a job and school and personal life. I will also update my fan page for you guys to join so even when I'm not on you can enjoy me and you get discounts yay lol....well I'm going to get on now I hope you guys hear my words and we can have an amazing night 😘

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Lyn Love: Hi Guys

have a new huge dildo that is 4 inches thick so you guys can help me please myself like never before. and I know I joke a lot in my room but when we go prv im all yours you are in control of me. its summer I hope ever one is injoying the warm weather. im working on my tan and think I may be going to the beach for a few days. any suggestions of a great beach in north or south Carolina I need to go check out. well got to go see you guys in 2 days so ready to play with you

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Athena Sellers: First Blog!

Hello everyone! Thank you to all of you who participated in the whole 5 hours I preformed today! You're all so wonderful! I'd like to tell you a little bit about my sexual side. A lot of you ask if I am single... AND I AM! Very very happily single. And I don't wish to change that. I enjoy camming so much! It's so much fun and I just want you all to know how much I enjoy preforming for you! I love being on top, but also completely out of control. So while on top, I love it when the man takes control of my hips!! Or when I am with a woman, I love it when she tells me exactly what she likes and what she wants. That goes both ways, though! I also really love doggy style and I am starting to get into anal play a little bit just for funsies! You guys are awesome, thank you so much for reading. I read and reply to all of your messages, so PLEASE flood my inbox

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Zoe Miller: So Horny

OMG I am so horny tonight and no one has started a show. I am tempted to just go at it in party mode tips or not. It really turns me on for someone to get off while they are watching me. I wish more people wanted private time with very specific requests, because I love to satify my partner!!! I hope you boys and girls start playing with me more!! This horny girl wants to get off with YOU!! I love to play with my toys especially with encouragement to get off and cumm everywhere!! I want someone to eat my dripping pussy so badly right now then fuck my brains out!!! I could do it to myself but its not the smae without help, you know?? I know you all have to like some help getting off and making your cum squirt across the room. OH< WAIT maybe that is me, lol. Hopefully there are other horny people out there just like me that want to get off while I am cumming!! I have a big dick man coming to see me later but I JUST CAN NOT WAIT TO SQUIRT!! I have a need to release this pent up frustration!!

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Taylor Lynne: This Friday Ill Be on

Podtrash on the Wush &amp; Boon Show Talking about cam modeling and other things cant wait. Been Having some fun with my Kiiroo If you have the Onyx let me know so we can get interactive NEXT FRIDAY Not Sure what time yet but Ill be doing a members only #anal Play Show So get your Membership!!! and I Follow back all fanclub members !! also if your looking to spoil me my birthday is coming up JAN 17th check out my wish list on here !

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Sophi A &amp; Ogdaryan B: My Favorite Food

My favourite food has to be chocolate pancakes. You can get it pretty much anywhere and all you do is make a normal pancake batter but then pour in melted chocolate. I like it because it's really tasty and you never get tired of them but they always fill you up... It's probably a breakfast or dessert and I always have them on Pancake day and sometimes Christmas and my birthday. The first time I ever had one was when I went camping with my school and we roasted them on the campfire and they were yummy!I LOVE Buffalo wings , with celery and blue cheese dressing. We make it. And sometimes we grill it sometimes we bake it ( we don't fry ). Its Hot and the blue cheese cools it off its awesome. Its i don't know how to explain the texture. Uhm some of the ingredients are Chicken , hot sauce ( wait thats all the ingredients oops hehe ) And it is dinner. The special occasion is band practice and birthday. Because we all love them. The first time i ever tasted them im pretty sure i was real little! Uhm the worst memory is getting hot sauce on my eye and clothes lol ( clumsy ( messy ) me ). My favorite food makes me happy haha and my second favorite food is nachos

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Cum Shower, Sunday 5/31

Joining your lover in the shower should be a sultry and sensual experience, as Sophie Lynx demonstrates in our next upcoming film Cum Shower.

Sophie is clearly in the mood for a good time before her clothes hit the ground, and by the time she's in her man's arms she is totally supple and willing. I could watch this delectable creature give head for hours. Those horny looks as she has her man's cock in her mouth are just incredible!

Enjoy Sophie in Cum Shower when it is released on Sunday, May 31. It's easy to see why Sophie is one of our most beloved models, so don't miss out on this chance to watch her in action!

Bree Haynes: Chats

Over the next few weeks or so, I am wanting to try out all sorts of new fantasies! Feet fetishes, bondage, being dominated in private, getting tied up, lots of party chats with a whole lot of requests and tip floods!!! All of your tips, powerboosts and privates get me so riled up and excited for the next night!! ;) It's been great getting to know some of you and discovering what you all love so that we can make for a great, mind blowing private down the road! You know who you are ;)So, all in all keep coming back for more and we can keep learning from each other and improving our relationship to make for the best time! Lots of hugs, kisses, rubbing, sucking and naked dancing and of course anything else you want. I am very open to anything and I am here to fulfill all your wildest fantasies. just let me know how I can help you.I am working hard on getting some audio, but as I have mentioned, I do have room mates and they do not know I am doing this.I hope you all have a great week and will be seeing you online this week.See you all soon!Bree Hayne

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