Mandi Snow: Hi, It's Mandi! ;)

Hello everyone! Thank you all for being so sweet and welcoming me to the site!! I'm really enjoying it so far...hope you are as well. ;) I'm a 24 year old southern girl who just loves to play and feel sexy. ;) I'm always down to chat...and become your dirty little cum slut when you want me to.. :) I really love my blue and purple vibrators...but since I started this, I'm just stoked to go out and buy more!!! :D Making people cum hard and feel good is my favorite thing. :) If I made you feel great, that just makes me blushhh. ;) I can't wait to get to know you all and make some friends!! I have a few crazy stories for you...and I'm sure you have some good ones to exchange as well. ;) Working on a schedule t the moment, but should have a set one soon. I'll be here if you need to blow a load.. ;) or just someone to talk to!! Hope to see you soon! xoxo Mandi Snow*

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Girls Loving Girls, Tuesday 9/1

If you've been missing our all-girl threesomes like I have, then your wait is nearly over: Our next upcoming film, Girls Loving Girls, is a girls-only fuck fest!

Dakota Skye partners with newcomers Xandra Sixx and Sydney Cole. The instant chemistry between this trio is obvious from the first kiss, but by far the hottest part of this one is the moment that Dakota and Xandra share a double-ended dildo for mutual orgasmic pleasure!

We will release Girls Loving Girls on Tuesday, September 1. Be sure to check out our newest lesbian threesome and enjoy these hot coeds as they get each other off again and again!

Sexual Awakening, Saturday 8/29

Waking up to a horny girl that's ready for sex is a great way to start a morning, as we show in our next upcoming film Sexual Awakening.

Horny hottie Nathaly will do whatever it takes to make sure that her man satisfies her needs. I love watching her look of sheer bliss as she's getting her tight little pussy fucked, especially when she's on her hands and knees with her full boobs swaying with every stroke of her lover's cock.

Sexual Awakening is scheduled for release on Saturday, August 29. Check back to enjoy Nathaly and her great tits in this flirty fun film.

Missy Longview: Seriously!

I love technology! No, that was actually totally sarcastic. Where oh where is my new webcam?! Still no sign of it. I think I'm going to have to cancel and reorder. Icing on the cake? My computer has decided to be an ass. Blah! Like, the battery doesn't seem to be charging even though the sucker is plugged in and says it's charging. Of course, all I can do is laugh about the whole situation. Honestly, it's like Murphy's Law in overdrive. And besides laughing, times like these call for some big O time. There really is nothing like a good orgasm to releave stress. I like all kinds, but this calls for the ones that leave me so spent that I can't even be touched for a while after.So I'm off for now. Headed to a steamy tub with a lusciously scented bath bomb and a fully charged vibe to screw away all the negative.

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Late Night Romance, Wednesday 8/26

Whenever a hot girl gets it in her head to seduce her man, it's hard to imagine saying no. In Late Night Romance, our next upcoming film, sexy Arian tries her hand at letting her lover know she wants a night of hot sex. The results are hot as hell.

I really enjoy the pussy eating in this one. Arian is obviously getting into it as her moans fill the room and that tight little body of hers arches and pushes her hips towards her man as he's licking and finger fucking her tight twat. It's a great warm-up for the main fucking.

We will release Late Night Romance on Wednesday, August 26. Check it out and enjoy watching Arian on her mission to achieve as many orgasms as she wants!