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Black Lace Seduction, Sunday 5/22

When you've been treated to a seductive striptease and then a long amorous blowjob, you're going to want to do whatever it takes to ensure your lover's pleasure. That's just the start of what you'll enjoy in Black Lace Seduction, our next upcoming video.

Delectable Christen Courtney has sex on the brain when she approaches her man in a skimpy outfit that's made to come off. She isn't disappointed by his reaction; I could watch this tight hottie get her perfect pussy pounded forever. She looks like an absolute goddess as she rides her partner cowgirl style!

Black Lace Seduction will be released on Sunday, May 22, so definitely be sure to come check out Christen's sensual scene.

Adrianna Leone: First Blog !!!!

So far I have been welcomed to flirt with open arms, and I am very thankful for those who make my time online a good one. I enjoy your company so much and conversations and the crazy things we do and will do! I really do look forward to logging in and chatting with you all! I am in the process of moving and I am very excited about it. the place look amazing ;) Now, if only we can get more credit flow to come into my chat room ;)Thank you all for helping me win my first contest!This help a lot and I am so greatful. I would love to spend quality one on one time with you all! You guys tell me your fantasies, I ask that we play them out. what do you think?I will be online very soon, I did not forget about you at allâ¦just a lot going on with my move . Love xoxoxoxo

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Sara Fancy: New Girl Here

Hello dear boys ! Im glad to say Hi to everyone here ! Let me indroduce myself. Im a student, who enjoy own life ! Im so happy to meet new guys, getting know more people and be progressive girl ! Im study on policy, a psychologist and historian. all about it are very interesting for me , and Im happy to get the practice of psychoanalysis in an acquaintance here.And you can be sure, u can check my room and you get interesting talking and ofcourse hot stuff.

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Sunkissed Selena: What Am I Doing Here????

Who gets into this type of "work" at my age???? How did I end up doing this???? .....And why am I enjoying it so much????? ........ LOL! Hey, I'm just like a lot of Americans who grew during a time when every generation of Americans was doing better than the previous. It seems our great county hit a plateau somewhere along the way.I found myself in the same quandary as a lot of Americans. Increased living expenses, stagnant wages, increased education costs..... What to do? Tighten the belt (even more)? Dip into the retirement nest egg (so much for retiring...) or find a way to bring in some extra income?Well, it's obvious what I chose. I actually tried a few other gigs before I ended up being a "webcam girl." But there always seemed to be issues with everything I attempted to do: The schedule I was assigned to work conflicted with my other responsibilities. The pay was so low and the distance I was required to travel to the job made it not profitable. Work was available irregularly and then tapered off until no work was available at all.I continued searching for work. I would check a particular website on a regular basis to apply for consumer panels. Those events where you go spend a few hours listening to folks tell you about some new product and then you give your feedback and they give you a check or giftcard and you go back home. This same website always also had ads for websites hiring "models." The ads all proclaimed: "High pay! Work from home! Make your own hours!"Of course I knew what kind of "modeling" this is. Yet, there was something intriguing about it. Initially I thought to myself that if I was young and as pretty and fit as I was 20 years ago, I would probably do it. But now.... no one wants to see a woman my age. But.... then I think about how often I get approached and asked for dates by men (and occasionally women) half my age. Maybe there is an audience out there interested in seeing a woman like me?So I decided to try it.... And guess what???? I kind of enjoy it..... I enjoy chatting with people. I enjoy physically pleasuring myself. I enjoy being seen and complimented. I enjoy the attention that comes with being the "star" of the show. And I enjoy knowing that other people out there are enjoying themselves because of me.

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Beautiful Romance, Thursday 5/19

One romantic gesture deserves another, and what could be more romantic than a sweet sexy coupling in a candlelit bathtub like the one you'll see in Beautiful Romance?

Megan Sage is tickled pink when her lover surprises her in the bath, and she is happy to repay him with some lusty passion. I love watching her lean over the edge of the tub as she sucks her boyfriend off, especially as you watch her tits hitting the cool edge so that her nipples are rock hard and ready to be played with. You can tell she's in need of a good fuck after that foreplay!

Beautiful Romance is slated to be released on Thursday, May 19. Megan received a pretty enthusiastic reception for her debut film, so don't miss out on her hardcore breakout.

Lesbian Passion, Monday 5/16

I don't know if I've ever seen two girls who are more passionate about making each other cum than what Mindy and Vanessa Decker show us in Lesbian Passion, our next upcoming film.

Seriously, there's not much these two won't do to give one another the pleasure they're both craving. Whether it's Mindy delivering a hard fast finger fucking to Vanessa's juicy twat or the girls laying together in a delectable 69, these two hold nothing back. I could watch them go at it all day long.

Lesbian Passion is scheduled to be released on Monday, May 16. Check back to enjoy these two popular models as they show us the true meaning of passion.

Sexed Up, Friday 5/13

You're going to love newcomer Katy Kiss when she makes her seductive debut in Sexed Up, our next upcoming film.

This horny redhead has got the whole package, from a hot body to an always-ready pussy that needs it rough and fast to cum. I love watching as she spreads her legs for a wild raunchy fingerbang, but by far my favorite part of this one is watching her arch her back in orgasmic bliss as she gives her man the stiffie ride he deserves.

Sexed Up is set to be released on Friday, May 13. Get your weekend off to a sexy start with this raw and raunchy film!

Post It Kiss, Tuesday 5/10

If you're looking for a cute flirty film to brighten your day, then Post It Kiss will fit the bill perfectly.

Newcomer Miyuki Son needs some help with a project, but first she needs her photography subject to relax. She knows just how to help her new lover relax, and soon there's some sizzling action between them! I love watching Miyuki ride her guy while her full boobs bounce in his face!

Post It Kiss will be released in our members area on Tuesday, May 10. You won't want to miss out on this sweet coupling between two lovers!