Charlee Chase: Wild Ride

So far, 2015 has been quite the wild ride! I started out the year super sick, taking one of my kiddos to the hospital, it's literally been one thing after another. Then found out we qualified (after 2 long years of busting our asses) to buy a home. This would be my first ever home purchase and all I knew is it's supposed to be a major pain in the ass and it's going to take along time, often several months. Great. With a schedule as busy as mine usually is, I wasn't looking forward to months of annoyances, but sometimes life just is what it is. Well, turned out to be the exact opposite of everything I'd ever heard. Looked at several houses one day. Blah. Looked at several more houses the next day and put in a bid on one. It was accepted. Within 30 days, we were packed and moving into the new house. Since the Master bedroom is TINY ... (wouldn't even fit the furniture), we turned the "family room" into the Master bedroom. Since it was just a room before, it had no closet, so we hired contractors to build a walk-in closet. THAT TOOK FOREVER!!! It was a full month in waiting for permits and all the crap, but once the permit got puled, several days of guys in and out and the closet was complete. SO, I am building the inside part of the closet day by day, and I'm making it my own. Now that I finally have my own home, and I have a closet, I'm finally unable to unpack and get back to my normal crazy busy schedule and I'm looking forward to spending some of that crazy schedule here with you!

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