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Gor 101 and General FAQ (Part One!)For anyone curious about Gor, the training I've recieved based on those books, and how that training differs from general BDSM, here you go!I've been getting (some) questions, and interest lately, and figured I'd condense what I know on Gor into a general FAQ, and quite possibly a series of posts. We'll see how this goes.What is Gor? Gor is a fictional world depicted in a set of 33 books, started in the late 1960's with the most recent being published in April (2014). In this world, men rule by right of strength and a Darwinist natural selection type mentality. The strongest rule, the weak serve.Who wrote the books? John Norman, AKA, John Frederick Lange, Jr. (born June 3, 1931) A philosophy professor (I've heard also English/Lit professor, but go do your own research on that note if it's that important to ya.)What is Gor-ean (Edited because the Blog is being silly about the spelling) Philosophy? Simply put, Gor-ean Philosophy is the idea that men, as the hunter/gatherers and the ones "taking care" of their women in ages past, are by nature stronger, more dominant, and more aggressive than women. Thus making women, as "the homemakers" more submissive, weaker physically, and more dependent upon men.How does Gor-ean Philosophy relate to BDSM? For those who practice the Gor-ean ways in their everyday lives, a certain amount of common sense is key. The books say that the Master has total power over the slave, even to holding her very life in his hands, obviously, that doesn't translate to real life very well. So in practice, Gor becomes more of a TPE style of BDSM.How do switches work within Gor? Most people consider that switches do not exist in Gor. I will be posting a longer, and more in depth response to this in a different post at another time, utilizing quotes from the books to lay this one to rest. For now I reserve my personal opinion until such time as that post goes up. (I will accept no negative comments on the subject until that time. Thank you.)(The post about switches in the BDSM context will only go up on this blog if I get enough interest.)So what is meant when the phrase "switch" is used in the books? Clearly you weren't reading context. A switch mentioned in the books means a willow switch or cane, used usually by a slave girl with her Master's permission, to punish another slave. (For the record, canes, switches, whips, and long whipy flogs are all hard limits for me. This is pretty much non negotiable.)What is a kajira? A female Gor-ean slave. This phrase is commonly more used in the south. (Another phrase you might here for a southern slave is "silk girl" though that's used more in the north, and can be a more derogatory phrase.) There are many different types of kajirae (proper plural for kajira) which will be covered more extensively in part 2!(Cross-posted from my Fetlife account)

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