Jordan Lynn: Transitions

I recently ran into an old college mate of mine at a local coffee shop. He was my physics study buddy and sometimes we studied anatomy in the dark ;) but enough about that and back to my original topic.So we went into debate over metaphysics and physics. The reason why? goes back to my title "Who is the transition person"? We as humanity are going through a major transition. This my personal opinion.Changes resulting physical, emotional and spiritual. As most of us are aware we attract like, we attract to us what energy we send the universe. Essentially the transition person is someone you attracted to help you navigate through life's small obstacles and or big. Overcome things such as being alone, recently divorced, family drama, unhealthy relationships, crazy ex, bad sex, health issues, work problems, stress and anything else you may add to the list.Everyone attracts their own transition person and can be beneficial if you use them wisely.This is where I chime in for my closing thought on the subject. If you take the risk to ignite areas of your life that are neglected, unsecured, abandoned, unfulfilled, shunned upon, than you should take a look for your transition person. But who will this life altering memorable personal experience be with?? Good luck finding her or him but be careful and use your transition person wisely and make every use of them to take you to the next positive level of your life.** I lost track of time over our debate and didn't even touch on the ontology of any future context. As we ended the conversation in the bed of his pick up truck going over previous days of studying anatomy and this time also a little astrology as starred up into the starry sky thinking "Thank you Universe for Transition people!"

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