Mistress Diamond: New Toy!

A generous slave sent me cash to buy the Lovense Nora sex toy. Now you guys can have more fun with me while you tip. Of course, I will still be dominating the show making you my personal sex slaves and pleasuring me when I command. So many claim they want to give me "sexual service" so here is your chance. I know I haven't bee on in a while as personal things have kept me from getting online, but I promise I will make time soon. I tried to test the Lovense out here, but my cam kept freezing. I have my eyes on a new laptop; a MacBook to be precise. It will be your job to see that I get it. I am mainly a Windows girl, but Mac is easier to use and less prone to viruses. Hope you boys are behaving. Don't let me have to come back on and punish you!

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