Skyler Danielle: Welcome to Skylars World

As my first entry, I'm going to slowly ease you into my easy going, laid back, sexual lifestyle.first off, I'm Skylar Danielle, I first realized I fucking loved to touch myself when I was, ehh.. young. fast forward fast forward, I didn't lose my virginity until I was about 16, but before that I masterbated all the god damn time. I seriously thought I had a problem. I would sit on plastic hairbrush handles and fuck them and flick my swollen sensitive clit until I came all over the handle. once I finally got my hands on my first dildo, I literally rode that thing until the wheels fell off. not only did I have to change the batteries three times, I'm pretty sure I fried the motor or whatever was inside of it. after being in a 2 1/2 yr WHY, aka relationship I mourned in the arms of my best friend, who at the time I didn't know loved to eat pussy. well, little miss thing and I got REEAAL close and we fucked eachother regularly for about a year. I can happily and proudly say I love to eat pussy. mmmm do I love it. but my number one is having my pussy ate and soaking wet from cumming. I saw a guy for awhile who could make me squirt like a sprinkler that hadn't been turned on in years. best god damn dick ive ever had. ill continue more of my life story tomorrow, until then, I'm going to masterbate because thinking about a fat cock inside me is making me so horny and I can hear my dildo calling my name! hehe yay!xoxo

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