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Jordan Lynn: Freeze Frame

It would be an amazing feeling to be superior to my computer but sadly tonight it won. I sit here in front of it gazing at it's large screen, squinting my eyes as the light probes through the monitor and glares back at me. I push down gently on it's tiny key tablets punching out these words. I caress over the mouse pad ever so gentle.It appears my computer has managed to have it's way with me this evening by causing naughty disturbances while I was online with juices flowing and ready to punch out an orgasm. I abruptly left my scheduled time and feel ever so bad. Mr. Computer interfered and my apologies. He will be receiving an unpleasant cleaning later. But before I spend another moment on that I'm going to take a long hot bubble bath and will have no choice now but to play alone that is if my naughty computer doesn't try to secretly record me..

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Mistress Diamond: Hello!

Glad to be here on Kinklive (Flirt4Free). I am looking forward to owning and playing with many submissive gentlemen all around the world.In case you haven't noticed, my favorite fetish is Financial Domination. I love money. I love spending money. I love being lavished in money. If I could have a room full of stacks of cash, I would. Also, I love being spoiled by subs. A sub who truly loves his Goddess will do anything and everything to make sure she is happy. You will fall in love with me. You will be smitten by me. Whether on the phone or on cam, you will soon find your heart belonging to no one else but me. I am not your usual leather clad Domme parading with a whip ready to strike whomever walks into my lair. I am more of a sexy siren luring you further into the submissive pet you already are. Say goodbye to the old boring life you once led, and be born into a new one with purpose and thrill! The thrill of worshiping me, giving your cash to me, my ownership of you, will be the greatest adrenaline rush you have ever experienced. It is like a rollercoaster ride or jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. I know you are scared, but once you get over that fear, once you make that jump, it is an unforgettable thrill that you will want to do over and over and over and OVER again!

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Unique Love: Soft

When your mouth Embraces mine I am intoxicated Dizzy with longing Arching into you Pleading With my soul When your lips And your tongue Connect With the peaks Of my sensitive orbs My body coils Deep inside Weeping From my core Begging you For more The gentle penetration Not so gently Needed And the sense Of perfection Filling me As you fill me Is like nothing I have ever known I could live Within those moments Until I breathe No more.

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Lucy Pierce: End of School Year

I just finished up my first year of college and I'm home for the summer! Now that I've got my room to myself, I'll probably be online more frequently, accepting requests for costumes/roleplay, etc. I've added some new pieces to my collection including a maid outfit, a collar, some corsets, and a number of stockings/tights. For more costumes/toys that I could incorporate into my shows, check out my wishlist!I'd really like to buy more sex toys for my performances. Mine are okay, but they're rather small and it'd be nice to invest in some bigger, more interesting items. Let me know what you guys would like to see in my shows!

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Adrianna Leone: First Blog !!!!

So far I have been welcomed to flirt with open arms, and I am very thankful for those who make my time online a good one. I enjoy your company so much and conversations and the crazy things we do and will do! I really do look forward to logging in and chatting with you all! I am in the process of moving and I am very excited about it. the place look amazing ;) Now, if only we can get more credit flow to come into my chat room ;)Thank you all for helping me win my first contest!This help a lot and I am so greatful. I would love to spend quality one on one time with you all! You guys tell me your fantasies, I ask that we play them out. what do you think?I will be online very soon, I did not forget about you at allâ¦just a lot going on with my move . Love xoxoxoxo

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Sara Fancy: New Girl Here

Hello dear boys ! Im glad to say Hi to everyone here ! Let me indroduce myself. Im a student, who enjoy own life ! Im so happy to meet new guys, getting know more people and be progressive girl ! Im study on policy, a psychologist and historian. all about it are very interesting for me , and Im happy to get the practice of psychoanalysis in an acquaintance here.And you can be sure, u can check my room and you get interesting talking and ofcourse hot stuff.

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Sunkissed Selena: What Am I Doing Here????

Who gets into this type of "work" at my age???? How did I end up doing this???? .....And why am I enjoying it so much????? ........ LOL! Hey, I'm just like a lot of Americans who grew during a time when every generation of Americans was doing better than the previous. It seems our great county hit a plateau somewhere along the way.I found myself in the same quandary as a lot of Americans. Increased living expenses, stagnant wages, increased education costs..... What to do? Tighten the belt (even more)? Dip into the retirement nest egg (so much for retiring...) or find a way to bring in some extra income?Well, it's obvious what I chose. I actually tried a few other gigs before I ended up being a "webcam girl." But there always seemed to be issues with everything I attempted to do: The schedule I was assigned to work conflicted with my other responsibilities. The pay was so low and the distance I was required to travel to the job made it not profitable. Work was available irregularly and then tapered off until no work was available at all.I continued searching for work. I would check a particular website on a regular basis to apply for consumer panels. Those events where you go spend a few hours listening to folks tell you about some new product and then you give your feedback and they give you a check or giftcard and you go back home. This same website always also had ads for websites hiring "models." The ads all proclaimed: "High pay! Work from home! Make your own hours!"Of course I knew what kind of "modeling" this is. Yet, there was something intriguing about it. Initially I thought to myself that if I was young and as pretty and fit as I was 20 years ago, I would probably do it. But now.... no one wants to see a woman my age. But.... then I think about how often I get approached and asked for dates by men (and occasionally women) half my age. Maybe there is an audience out there interested in seeing a woman like me?So I decided to try it.... And guess what???? I kind of enjoy it..... I enjoy chatting with people. I enjoy physically pleasuring myself. I enjoy being seen and complimented. I enjoy the attention that comes with being the "star" of the show. And I enjoy knowing that other people out there are enjoying themselves because of me.

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